Monday, December 23, 2013

I see them in white!

This week has been amazing :) We have had so many miracles happen! 

Mom, first I LOVE all those things I get to read each morning! They are an amazing way to start to my day! 

Well! We have had some cool experiences!! Shaylind and Elieke are some of our investigators, and they came to church!! OH my goodness I have never loved church so much! it was amazing for me to witness them LOVING the church. And the spirit that was there was so strong! I'm really excited to see what happens with them, because in my mind I see them getting sealed in the temple... it's kinda creepy, everyone I see, I picture in white bahahaha!!! Because, yeah, I want them to get baptized, but mostly I just want them to go through the temple! Because that would be amazing :)

I really love being a missionary! Since I am calling you on Wednesday, then we can't email very much today! But just know that I love you guys so much! And THANK you John and Molly for the Christmas package!! It made me tear up! haha! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSICA!!!!! There was this girl in my mission from Japan, and she gave me a bunch of clothes.. well, so not my taste! They have puffy sleeves and lacy necks, so it's just screaming your name! I'll have it sent to you soon :) 

Pretty much I love being a missionary, sorry I can't say more, but I will write more next week! and can't wait to call you!!! :):)

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