Sunday, August 24, 2014

For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ


We were actually teaching a lesson to a less active and he said " I just don't like that the church has TOO many rules!!" And I said " Brother, your wrong. Our church has too many blessings!" I committed him to, instead of saying rules, to say blessings! hahah it was a great perspective change for me!!

This week we had some HUGE miracles!! We have been teaching Susan who is in her 80's and had the flesh eating parasite, and is too sick for church because her body is re-building its organs! Well, at the lesson this week she said  "I went on a walk and I felt more strength than normal! So then God told me, Susie, you're going to church with the sisters this week!" She then told us the outfit she had already picked out! We called Sunday morning, and she wasn't feeling well, and wasn't able to attend YET! But it's incredible that she was able to recognize the spirit, and that she has that desire. The ward is all fasting and praying, so I'm sure by next Sunday she will have enough strength to go to church :)

CHRISTY!!! We attended the Catholic mass, which was a very interesting experience. Though the room was beautiful and the words being spoken were true, I did not feel the same as I do in our church! It was a huge testimony builder for me! I just had an overwhelming feeling of love and gratitude for my parents helping me go to church every week. I love the simplicity of our church. I love it because it shows me God's love for us! He doesn't want us to be confused! He wants us to know our purpose, and how to return back home! I love being a member of the Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-Day Saints! While in the mass, I felt insecure at first, and I hid my badge with my hair, because I didn't feel comfortable showing people who I was. Well, after about 5 minutes, I decided that I was PROUD to represent Jesus Christ and his church! So I tied up my hair in a pony tail, and let my badge show to everyone in the room! I never want to be ashamed of who I am and what I stand for ever again! :)

Vicky! We had an amazing lesson with her. We were planning to drop her, but the spirit had other plans for her! He helped us teach her and we invited her to be baptized and set a date for the end of September! I DID not see that one coming! She also attended church with us this Sunday! It's amazing to see what happens when you just trust God and let the Spirit teach.

I had a great week!! And I'm so grateful for it :)
My favorite quote that I read on a member's fridge: "When Satan reminds you of your past, remind him of his future"   I love this so much :)


Love, Sister Collings

Monday, August 11, 2014

Ether is a funny name


THIS week we were able to be a part of a few special miracles that I am VERY grateful for! Remember Christy that we killed the roaches? Well this week we asked her if she would take the lessons!! And she was VERY not sure... she said we could only do it if we did it in nature, so that way we didn't bring it into her personal space in her home... so we will be having our lessons in a garden haha BUT! I'm so excited; we actually fasted for her! And it Worked! Tonight we will actually be going to a Catholic mass. She said she would come to church with us if we would go to church with her... so THIS will be VERY interesting hahah :):) But I am so excited she has finally accepted the lessons. Serving her will be a little sweeter now :) I never thought I would be thankful for cockroaches!!

We had an amazing lesson about salvation with Brother D, who is a less active of 30 years! The spirit was so strong, and it was so fun to see my companion! She is an amazing missionary. I love how she asks the most inspired questions! She asked Brother D what he felt like he needed to do to live with God again, and it was pretty much what we believe, so it was incredible that she helped him make that connection :):)

This week we also decided to have a car fast!! So we walked ALL day and talked to anyone and everyone that we came in contact with! Well we ended up walking 12 miles!! And talking to LOADS of people! We had a goal of declaring to 20 people! And we were about to have to go home. We had about 1 minute left, and God placed 2 people in our paths! It was incredible, he really is in charge of his work! We also talked to a lot of bikers, biking their way down the California coast, invited numberless people to church (homeless people included) and we were able to make a few return appointments! It was an amazing experience! And when we felt a little less motivated, a member would honk their horn at us and wave, and it lifted out spirits right up!!! :):) The only bad part about that was the end of the night came, and I was absolutely fried!!! I was so sun burnt!! And I actually had a heat stroke.... hahaha But it doesn't really matter, the miracles we saw that day took over, for sure! Although its hilarious because my companion wasn't red at all!!!! hahah Just a tiny bit tanner... gotta love fair skin :) But no worries, I have Aloe Vera!!! :)

We had a lesson with Susan again! And we wanted to read Ether 12 with her... well the lesson was a little rough to start because she wouldn't stop laughing at the name 'Ether'.... I never realized how different the Book of Mormon names were until I saw my investigator's reactions haha! But it ended up being a great lesson! :)

So guess what! Transfers happened, and I will still be with Sister H in Goleta!! Which I'm really happy about! We are going to see SO many miracles!! Whelp...I hope you all have an amazing week!

I love you all :):)

Love Sister Kaylea Collings!! :)
Can you believe I'm on my 8th transfer!?! Only 4 more to go! :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Making comps sick...


First : HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO AVERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) I MISS THAT CUTIE :(
But, I'm sure she will get spoiled!! :):) 

And MOM!!!! Im SO EXCiteD for your new job!!! :)  YAY!!! I hope you LOVE it! Where is that hospital located? 

 NOW This week was a Crazy! Week :) Sister H was sick with the Flu ALL week! SO yup that means that I was stuck inside... ( Although even by myself, I was up by 6:20)  But regardless, we still saw so many miracles! We were able to have a few lessons! One with a less active brother! And we were finally able to find him incredible fellowship! And we found out his concerns... but just being able to know his concerns, we NOW know how to get him back to church. He's been coming 4 weeks in a row!!! So that's been a miracle! He is in a wheel chair, and can't use his hands or legs.  At church this Sunday there was a pause in the testimonies, and he YELLED  "I WOULD NOW LIKE TO BARE MY TESTIMONY, WOULD SOMEONE PLEASE HAND ME A MIC?!" It scared me so badly!! haha But he bore powerful testimony about the Savior! IT was so great!! :) He hasn't born his testimony in 30 years. Then we had a homeless man come and bare his testimony! THAT was very interesting! Its was pretty special to see so many hearts in the ward being touched! :) 

We have been teaching a lady named Christy, who has had her own fair share of health issues.  She is VERY emotional. We have been helping her clean her apartment because it has cockroaches ALL over it! Well, after cleaning and slaying so many roaches, the spirit prompted me to ask her WHY she wasn't a member! We were waiting to hear her concern because she has been with missionaires a lot! She then just said "I don't know, I suppose I just take things slow."  We told her the church needed her :) And she was in tears, because she has never felt wanted in 40 years.

We also had a lesson with an older lady that had a flesh eating parasite that ate her hand! Whelp, THAT was incredible because the bishop was able to come and give her a blessing of healing! How grateful I was for the priesthood :)After the blessing, she said her body was tingling from her head to her toes :)

Tuesday was the only day we were really able to go out because of Sister H being sick, BUT! I studied a lot! And felt 2 amazing things happen :) #1. I studied a lot about the 10 virgins, and I just felt the strongest impression to be more prepared! And I felt a sense of urgency to have my lamp filled with oil for that great day when the Savior comes :) THEN! #2.  I just know that the Lord KNOWS me... Unconditionally... and he LOVES me! It was so overwhelming! Sister H was a trooper! I kept telling her I think she got sick just so I could learn those 2 powerful messages!!! :) 

Love you all LOVE Sister Kaylea Collings