Monday, December 9, 2013

Tough Week...Great Week

Today we did a service project with a Methodist church, helping them clean up after a huge charity thing :) It was so fun! :) A lot of people complemented my muscles.. so hey maybe I'm not as hefty as I thought ;) Haha! This week has been a tough one! My new trainer, let's just say I feel like we have the same experience so I feel like I'm training her! Which is hard because sometimes i don't know things! But it's been great because it's helping me grow. I have learned how stubborn I am... and I seriously have to pray forever to help me understand people, and not be selfish or stubborn!

This week has been very great! With the new companion I am working super hard. It's been hard for me because Sister C is very different from me! She is kind of weird... but I love her! I'm pretty weird too, but we have opposite weirdness I guess haha! But it's good because it gets me out of my comfort zone! This week I have actually done pretty good at taking control at door approaches and finding new ways to be persistent and make sure these people won't slam the door in my face! But the funny thing is, before they slam the door, they thank me for my smile?  I must be doing something right!

We had a great week working with less actives. We invited them to the ward Christmas party, which has been amazing! There is something about the holiday spirit that is just so amazing! Its been pretty chilly these last few days, so i think people feel bad that we are standing in the cold, so they listen so us a little better!

We are working on a lot of investigators which has been so fun! Some that I am very excited about are Shaylind and Aleaka, they are a cute couple who are excited to learn more! AND I am excited to teach them! He has a baptismal date for this month, so we will see what happens! Keep him in your prayers, will ya!?!

I think we have had a lot of success with the people this week, but I think overall, the success has come within my own heart! I find my self praying harder, studying deeper, and working on my weaknesses that have been made known to me! I love missionary work and I'm excited to see what this special season has in store for us!
PRAY SUPER hard... we have a ton of investigators who have had all the lessons and are just deciding if they want to get baptized.... We all know they should, so just pray that they will know :)
It's been FREEZING COLD!  But I'll be honest with you, I have NEVER felt the Spirit so strongly!! :) Out here in Cali I'll keep on truckin'...  :) pray that I'll develop more charity so my companion and I become friends.... haha!

Do you have any advice on making your weaknesses become strengths? Because that is really what I'm working on personally!!! :)

OH! And WE cannot Skype :( my mission president isn't a fan of that... so we get a phone call :)

-LOVE Sister Collings

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