Tuesday, January 7, 2014


So I had some funny things happen to me this week! I was at this old lady's home that LOVES playing pool and folding origami... so she folded me and sister C a ton of origami.... out of one dollar bills :) Bahaha! I know we shouldn't take money from people.. especially elderly... but! It was too hilarious! She made me a Christmas tree and put a sticker of a heart on top of the tree!! haha! TOOO funny!

 And we have been working with this old lady trying to get her baptized and we FINALLY found out what her concern is! She was like," I just feel so bad that we would waste all that water one me..."  Wow. So we are arranging to get her baptized in bishop's swimming pool... the problem is she doesn't ever remember anything... so we pray she will remember her baptismal date... sigh... :)

We were able to get 8 new investigators! 4 of them are siblings! They are so cute! They have little British accents and they are so cute because they are home schooled and say things like, "shall" haha! But it's been fun! :) this week has been so great!

AND! there was a famous man that spoke in church! his name was Tito Momen! He is from Nigeria and he was a Muslim and was chosen as a child to be a Muslim leader, he became a MORMON!!!!! And so they threw him in jail for 15 years! CRAZY huh! So he spoke and then Mo spoke, who is also from Africa :)

I  got the letters from the family! I LOVED it! That was so fun to read!! I hope you had fun at the cabin :)

Sorry I'm all out of time but i will leave you with a quote I love,"Try to love Him our Redeemer, above anything else" Joseph Fielding Smith! I LOVE THIS! I am trying to have His love be my absolute priority!!! And it's making miracles happen! I LOVE YOU! ALL!!!!!! Pray transfers next week will be GOOD! :D
-Sister Collings
 So sweet, those are her parents!!

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