Monday, May 19, 2014

Transferred to Ventura

HELLLLOOOO FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST DAD EVER!!!! :) I feel sso blessed that God hand picked you to be my father! Someone who is so hardworking and so caring. And someone who is so selfless. I have never heard you complain about work. And you are always working! AND! somehow even though you were so busy and flying around the country! I always knew that our family was your priority!! I cherish all the memories I have with you, riding horses, laughing until we cry... usually about something ridiculous! like.... Wendy or anatomy! haha :) But above all, I know how much you love me because at times when I wasn't going down the right path, you confronted me with boldness and love, and that has made all the difference in my life :) Because of you, I KNOW how to be more responsible :) And I KNOW how to serve with love :) I LOVE you so much dad!!! I still remember my junior year.. after we moved into the new home I had moved my bed into the weird part of my room which I admit was a bad idea.... now hahah!  But I was fast asleep, or so you thought and you came in and told me that you loved me :) and I remember that night feeling really sad and I prayed that I could be comforted somehow... and then that happened, YOU have been an answer to my prayers so many times :) And I LOVE YOU!!!! SO SO SO SO SO MUCH!!!! And don't even get me started with how impressed I am with you.... converting... your whole employment :) haha I love you dad :) AND! I wish I could go to Ruth Chris with you!  to celebrate.... not just because that food... is AMAZING!!!!!!! But... because I love you so so much :)

 EWWWWW Conman! your muscles are so BIG!!!! After my mission... You will have to be my personal trainer.. because... remember when we were.... laughing in Germany at my tummy.... :) You would laugh really hard at it now!!! hahahah!

TRANSFERS HAPPENED! I will be moving into the Ventura 4th ward! With a sister named Sister C and I will be her follow up trainer!! So she's only been out 6 weeks!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!! That's the area where my trainer started out!! So that  makes me happy :)

This week was really incredible! You all must have been praying hard for me... but it was incredible :) So let me be super honest with all of you!! Last week we had only 14 lessons, and this week we were told to get 40 lessons... which... I have NEVER done. That was just crazy! On a really good week we would get 20 lessons, and now our mission president wanted us to double it!!! Well... Turns out sincere prayers of faith truly work!! We planned to have 40 lessons and we did! I am still blown away, I didn't think that it was possible, but I suppose with God all things are possible! I have learned to more fully rely on faith! And DO MY best, trust GOD, and leave the rest to him :) And when we do that, miracles happen!! We finally had investigators coming to church, we had member present lessons! We saw so many less actives that had been in hiding for so long!  It was truly a miraculous week. And I feel so blessed to have been able to be a part of that!! And I feel like Satan HAS been working hard on me... trying his hardest to discourage me, but the cool part about it is that God can overcome any feelings we have personally of inadequacy! I just have to constantly  REALIZE that those feelings and emotions AREN'T from God :)  So I pray... and then...  I'm MUCH happier! I really LOVE MY mission! :)

LOVE Sister Collings :P

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