Monday, June 2, 2014

Let's teach at the SKATE PARK!!

Family!!!!!!!!!! :):)

Wow this week we have seen so many miracles!! And I know it is because we are working really hard!! I have never felt more blessed to be a missionary, I can feel my relationship with the Savior carrying me through each and every day, and giving me the strength and the happiness I need to share this amazing gospel! The only rough part is my companion has gotten a mouth infection.... it looks pretty yucky!! So we have to stay indoors until Wednesday! I think God is REALLY pounding patience into my head because EVERY companion I have had has gotten really sick and we had to stay indoors... and I'm just like NOOOOOO!!!!! Let me work!!!!!!! AH!!! hahah. BUT! Bring it on :) I'll finish the Book of Mormon in these next two days I'm sure. I'm in 4th Nephi.. :) BUT! Prayer has really helped me so much! to keep on going and rely on my Heavenly Father no matter the situation! Cool huh! :):)

For example.... a praying situation that helped me A LOT!!!!!!

So we planned to go and tract at a huge park that is always just PACKED with people so we were so excited... well... Turns out when we got there, the park was empty.... except one place... the place that I NEVER in a million places ever EVER saw myself ministering the gospel!! And that is... THE SKATE PARK!!!! haha there were all these skaters... and punks, and they were like all my age... and I wanted to die. I was  just thinking... hmm I really don't wanna talk to them! So before we got out of the car we prayed! And then I thought to myself, "You know what? Because I LOVE God I'm going to talk to all these skater boys... bring it on.." hahaha! Well MY poor companion was horrified because she's only been out 2 months!! haha!!!! Well I walked up to them... made them stop skate boarding and listen to me... This was pretty comical...  But so great! Because I completely, 100% trusted in God. It was an awkward situation, but some of them were actually interested! It just makes me think that I really cannot judge anyone!! And when you put it in your mind that you just LOVE God, well you can pretty much do anything :)

We had  2 more POWERFUL experiences!!

We met with Gonzalo G!! And before we met with him he texted us and he was like " Sister, I cannot wait to get baptized!" WHAT!?!! hahaha Well we met at a park and we taught the restoration (the super advanced way) using cups! And at the end he was like "Woah. Can I have those cups? I want to show my sister"!!!!!! Let me tell you a little background  about him, he went to AFRICA and met members of the church down there and he thought to himself they have something I need! So then he saw us walking down the street and he YELLED " HEY ARE YOU MORMONS!?! I WANNA TALK TO YOU!"  I mean fine we will talk to you Gonzalo... hahah! So then after the restoration lesson, he was like "Wow everyone in the your church is so happy, I WANT THAT!!!" And THAT was powerful! :) THEN! he was like "You know in 2 months from now I want to get a facebook account, and only have friends that are Mormon!!!" Haha The things that he says JUST KILLS me!!! BUT he then told us " I want to visit  Argentina, so I decided to look up the Mormon population there and it's HUGE! So I really felt that this church is true.  I NEED THIS!" Wow Gonzalo is so prepared! And we didn't do anything.. he FOUND us. He is so powerful to teach, his eyes just gleam with understanding. I LOVE it! He has a baptismal date set for June 21!!! :) PRAY for him!!! :)

We have an investigator who is about 40 and is OVERLY obsessed with his guitar. He promised us he would come to ALL 3 hours of church and he didn't show up!  Well... Too bad for him, because he has Sister Collings teaching him... and I don't let things like that slide. So I marched over to his house to get to the bottom of this! He also has a date for the 21st to get baptized so... he needs to take this seriously! SO. He told us he just went through some things... etc. I told him we had a fireside for investigators that night. (What he didn't know is that it was at the Stake President's home wahaha) Well... We invited him to come and it was a powerful lesson! the stake presidency have lessons at each of the presidency member's homes for investigators each month! And THIS month guess what the talk about... commitments. hahaha! He bore powerful testimony that he knew he needed to start taking this seriously! He said something really powerful! he said "You know, it's time for me to get off of the bench! I need to start taking this seriously and start playing, and fighting in the fight.  God has been patient with me, now it's my time to act."
I loved that.

WELL! This week has been a blessing to me!!! and I am so thankful for the crazy things I hear and see each day on my mission that make my testimony grow. I LOVE my Savior, and I LOVE that I can rely on him for anything.... :) I feel like I really am becoming, not just a missionary, but a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Prayers DO get answered, and people REALLY are prepared. We just have to open our mouths :)
Me and Sister C have started... rapping :) hahaha it motivates us and well we are getting pretty good! :):)

-Love Sista C! :)

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