Monday, June 23, 2014

Transferring and Training!

Hello family!! 

HOLY SMOKES! I feel so blessed! I got a CRAZY phone call about transfers this morning!!! DRUM ROLL!!!!! I will be moving to Goleta, and I will be training some cute sister that is fresh off the plane from the MTC!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!! The crazy part about it is that I'm white wash training! Because I have NEVER been to Goleta, and I have a newbie! Wow. hahaha President Castro is leaving this week and we will get a new mission president. President had a farewell and it was so funny, he came up to me and said, " You know this will be hard, but know this is what God wanted" haha Wow. I feel confident that God wants me to train, and that he wants me to be in Goleta... I just feel bad for the girl I'm training, because she will be stuck with the craziest sister in the mission :) hahah But I am so excited :) 

THIS WEEK was so great!
I KNOW your prayers have been working, because both Giani and James were able to get baptized! And the spirit was so strong :) I am thankful I was able to see their lives change so much this transfer! It was awesome! haha After Giani was baptized You could hear him talking in the dressing room and he kept saying "I FEEL SO HAPPY!" He really was changed :) And i am so thankful for that!

And When James was baptized, after he came out of the water he did a DOUBLE fist pump, and shouted "YES!!"  James always refers to us as his mafia of angels :) hahahaha I think that's my favorite part about missionary work is seeing their faces change, and the light of Christ exploding out!


Although this week wasn't all rainbows and sunshine... because our apartment got attacked by ANTS!!!!! so gross... We had them in our purses, in our food, all over our beds! I even had nightmares of ants.... I decided... ants pretty much are like Satan.... haha because THIS is what I did.... I left my bowl of cereal half eaten by my bed..... and THEN WE WERE ATTACKED! Which I feel is much like Satan, when we put our guard down for just one second, then he attacks and it's a nightmare to clean up! So I think the whole world should just be good... and then we won't have to worry about Satan's ants... haha :)

This week we also taught cute Mary! We talked about the iron rod and had her hold on tight as we sung "HOLD TO THE ROD!" She is so excited to be baptized. I am excited for that day! She is the CUTEST little girl :) OH And we played patty cake... but she can't use her left hand, so she would have to use her right hand to swing her other hand up to give me a high five... it broke my heart, but it was very precious!!

We had a lesson with Jerry, he is the son of a less active person. He has never been baptized! THIS was powerful because he said "NOBODY has ever been able to Answer my questions before!!" That's something I love! We have all the answers, because God's church isn't supposed to be confusing!! :)

OH! We have an investigator named Charlie and he LOVES Harleys! He is about 70, so it's hilarious. Well the ward is SO great at fellowship, one of the ward members bought him this statue of Jesus on a Harley.... he loved it!! haha I was a little confused... but hey! GOTTA love fellowship from the ward haha :)

This week has been so great! I gotta get packing! But I am SO EXCITED!! :) Goleta, here I come! OH!  and USB is in my area... I hear that Santa Barbara University has interesting people :)

Thank you for sending me those pictures! I am sickened by Conner's muscles, and with HOW BIG AVERY LOOKS!!!!!! WOW! I bet she had a blast at Disneyland! :) Sorry this one is so short! I will write better next week! You have my word :)
I Love you all!

love Sister Kaylea Collings!

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