Friday, October 11, 2013

First Letter!!

FAMILY!!!!! :)

Holy smokes... this experience has been umm.... NUTS!!!!!! everybody here is just so motivating!!! Being at the MTC (west campus) has showed me how important missionary work is!! I've learned so much and its only been two days!!!! I find myself praying like... always!!! 
My companions name is Sister Hacker and she is from Texas!! She is so amazing! Like everytime she talks she is just so filled with the spirit :) and yup. I'm really lucky to have her!!
We learned something really amazing from President Stice (who is from Grantsville!!! WHAT!! :) Well...  He said that if you want to be an average missionary you start with being average at the MTC. If you want to be an exceptional missionary you need to be exceptional at the MTC!!! So right now... i dont exactly know what im doing but!!! REALLY throwing all of myself into everything! Because i really do wnat to be exceptional!! ANOTHER thing he asked us was, " Who is the most important investigator you will come into contact with?"
hmmm...  my companion??
He then said, "The most important investigator you will have hasn't been born yet."

Wow, what a thought!! That struck me so hard!! If i am an exceptional missionary at the MTC and then in Ventura California, it will help me to raise my own kids :) and lets be honest.... i want to be an exceptional parent... so my nice family i am trying so hard!! 

every single night... my head feels like its going to EXPLODE!!!! haha!! And i have never felt the spirit so strong in my life :) my companion and I have to teach out first investigator tonight!!


Yeah. im freaked out!!! BUT! Im trying so so so SOOOOOOO hard to have the spirit with me at all times... because I know thats whats so amazing about the MTC it teaches you HOW to teach through the Spirit :) 

These two days have been tough.. BUT SO WORTH IT!!!! AHHH!!! :) 

All the elderly people i talk to (like my teachers) every single one of them tells me i need to calm down because i am too excited haha! I just dont see that happening!!! People bare witness of Jesus Christ through testimony and it just makes me so giddy!! And... brings me to tears!!! The MTC is turning  me into a SUPER SOFTY!!!! Like.... mom and jessica!!! haha!

So the West campus i am living at is so fun!!! My classes take place at the raintree apartments! and its really funny!! like they transformed student housing into classrooms so one whole wall is a sliding mirror closet. So if you get up in front of the class you see yourself too... so its kinda awkward!!! :) haha the computer i am typing on is actually in the same apartment as my classroom but in the kitchen haha! So its just fun!! :) 

I am loving this experience! I am even signed up to sing in the MTC choir! cool huh :)

Anyway. Missionary Work is incredible!!! I cannot wait to apply all these changes to my life so i can be the best i can be :):) I love you guys SO much! And mom dont cry :) I know God is with me throughout this whole expereice TRUST me... i am in good hands! The Elders in our district won't even let us cross the road unless they are surrounding us... weirdo's... haha. 


-Sister Collings


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