Monday, November 25, 2013

First Baptism!

Ok!! So it took forever to down load pictures so this letter wont be too long because... I'm nearly out of time!! Silly slow computers.... too bad they don't give us fancy macs!! Because then it would be so fast! haha :) BUT if you wanna know where I am emailing you from every week just look up Camarillo library! :)
(Camarillo library)
THIS WEEK WAS INSANE!!!!! we had zone conference... and I learned that I need to be more persistent in my missionary work, I should not take no easily... they said that you should get rejected 3 times before you leave wahaha and you know how I've never been good at taking no for an answer... so its kind of fun!
(zone conference)
We had an amazing baptism This weekend! her name is Cassidy! :) Wow the spirit was so strong and this little girl is such a goofball!! During sacrament meeting she was being confirmed, and when they said amen, She JUMPED out of her seat and start galloping in circles, and then she galloped all the way to the back of the sacrament meeting room and sat by us and her family, and gave us a huge hug! haha!!But her hug was so funny because she was sitting on one side of her mom and I was on the other and she laid across her moms lap onto mine... that was interesting! haha! but she was just so happy it was adorable :) 

Well DURING that exact same sacrament meeting president Casto came and spoke in our ward! Can you believe it?! WELL! right before the meeting, he came up to me and my companion and asked if we would stand up during his talk and give the restoration lesson in 5 minutes. HOLY SMOKES! after he left... I'll be honest with you I just started bawling! haha because President Castro was going to hear me teach.... and that was really intimidating! So I was just scared out of my mind... so my companion said a prayer with me :) so I kept crying... and then Cassidy was confirmed and so I cried even more.. hahaha and then whelp... it was my turn... and I was so scared! But it actually went ok... And I told them about the 1st vision without messing up!! And President Casto came up to me and said he wouldn't have known I was a new missionary and the spirit was so strong. But, let's be honest, I can't take any credit, because there's no way you can talk about the 1st vision without the spirit. So that was a really neat experience and it boosted my self confidence a ton!!!!
(Door approach face!)

Well that night we had dinner with the D family at the bishops house... and there is this boy named Blake who is 17... well, he is super talented  at baseball and is a junior in high school, and already has like 15 different colleges wanting him to play for them! He can pitch the ball at like 95 mph or something! Anyway! We had an amazing lesson with him about the priesthood, and I was like " Blake let's get you baptized this Sat." And he said ok! AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it!?!!! that wasn't exactly how the conversation went, but he decided baseball was slow this Thanksgiving, so we were just like, "yeah lets do this!" So I have another baptism this Sat! RIGHT before transfers! :) I'm scared for transfers! But I know that God will put me where ever I need to be! I LOVE BEING a missionary!!!!!!!!!! And I feel so blessed that God is letting me be a part of these baptisms.... :) Oh and Blake's parents are both active already :) they were less active once and ya :)
 (apartment, and view from apartment)

 In the scriptures it talks about when Lehi and all these prophets were overcome with the spirit they cast themselves on their beds, and they said that they fell to the earth, etc.  WELL THAT'S ME THIS WEEK! this week has been so spiritually draining! Every night haha I literally cast myself on my bed!! haha  Anyway I love you all! THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO! :) I hope you enjoy some of these pictures :)
(Picture for a cute Elder)

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