Monday, November 18, 2013

Kaylea's Birthday

Family! :)
This week is so amazing :) We have a baptism on Saturday for a cute 9 year old girl :) And we got a TON of new investigators like 6 or 7? :) I dunno, but I told Jessica it was because of the perfume she got me! It attracts investigators!! :) So... I was spoiled for my birthday! The members found out it was my birthday and at every dinner appt. I have to blow out candles... So that's pretty great!!
I realized what my purpose is! I am on a mission to build up the ward i am in :) The Lord made these boundaries for a reason, so I am in charge of everybody in those lines! Less actives, part member families, members, random people walking down the street! It's so exciting! I just attack everyone I see! But one thing that hit me so hard this week is how even the ward members need to be strengthened! All of the members in our ward who are seriously amazing, and so in tuned with the Spirit, and really active, are going through the hardest trials in their lives. It breaks my heart to hear about all their deaths or divorces, or how they have brain tumors! Man it blows my mind, its just really showed me that everyone is going through trials and we really can't judge, we need to lift up the relief society president just as much as we need to lift up someone who has been less active for 20 years. I was studying about Jesus and how he talks about the lost sheep. Well I believe we are all lost sheep at a time. But you think of the 99 sheep. They need to be healed and lifted up just as much as the lost sheep, because the 99 sheep are people that have been active in the church for 50 years and maybe feel like they are not as important, but to God we all are :) I hope this makes sense! but since I have changed my perspective and really tried to lift up this ward through all the members, I was able to get a lot of new investigators because I found " future members of the ward" haha.
I'll be honest this week was still hard. BUT SO REWARDING! I think we all can really try to magnify our callings, and help out our bishops, because I never realized how much bishops do. THEY DO A TON! :) And this made me realize how grateful I am for my own dad :) Because he has been a bishop and a stake president and I now know how crazy hard that must have been, and he never complains :) Sigh... I love you dad!!! You're the best!! :)
I am so excited and, I have been so blessed so far! :) We are teaching one family who said they love everything about Mormons, and they would like to be Mormon but they don't agree that you need authority and that Joseph Smith is a real prophet, but then they quoted the Bible and said " by their fruits they shall be known" and he said that he's very impressed with all Mormons, anyway that family is studying the Book of Mormon, and really trying to know if it is true! PRAY FOR THEM!!!! :)
LOVE you all!!! OH MOM!!!  Jess sent me a picture of your hair!! I LOVE IT!!!!! you should send a picture of the front :) I Love you! And you are a babe :) But seriously you will prolly look younger than me when I get off my mission. There was a little kid in my ward that ran up to me and screamed HAPPY BIRTHDAY! YOU LOOK 35!! :) haha... jerk.
love Sister Collings! 

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