Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January News

This week has been on of the best weeks in my mission so far! I had the flu for a few days! But during that time I watched all the 'Preach my Gospel' DVD's and figured out what goals I wanted to have this Transfer! I decided to work on being diligent! On really trying to enjoy my mission and be more spiritually minded! And holy smokes! THAT has made the mission more than just bearable. I used to feel like I was just trying to get through the day! Now I realize that I really am loving every second of the day!  And it has made such a change already! And I have only been working on it for two days! The key is making it last for the whole transfer! And then my other goal was to really dive into the scriptures. I am not too familiar with them! I set aside 20 mins of my studying just picking through every sentence! And HOLY smokes! Scripture power is truly powerful! I am finally understanding what it's teaching me, and I can actually feel the spirit while I'm reading! :) Aside from my own personal growth this week, my investigators are doing so well!

Shaylind and Alieke! They are progressing very well! In fact, we had an incredible experience with them!  We had our last lesson with our Bishop in his home and Shaylind said something that HIT me so hard! He said he used to be Catholic and then he was an atheist for 10 years! And when we went up to talk to him at his garage sale, he said he KNEW there was a god. Because he could see the Holy spirit in  us! Wow! That motivated me so much to continue and be exactly obedient and to do all the things that I can to have the spirit with me in full blast! I was studying in Preach my Gospel, and it talks about if you want the holy ghost with you, then you should pray in faith. So with that experience, I decided to try having more sincere prayers! I have started saying my prayers out loud and I feel like I enter into another world! I can feel the spirit when I pray, and I'll tell you what, I KNOW that he is listening to me :) Which is really cool. You all should try it! Just saying a prayer out loud! It seriously has given me so much strength!

MIRACLE!  It was getting really late so we figured we would stop by a non-member's home, well we knocked and a girl opened the door! And she was like, "Oh come in! My mom's been trying to get a hold of you guys!" She went on to tell us that her mom used to take her to our church when she was younger but that they became inactive and that her step-dad had been talking to missionaries online! Wow. So! They gave us her mom's number and said to call her. So later that day we called and she said to get a hold of them in the middle of January, because of the holidays they would be busy and because she was having surgery! SO we called her this week! And she said something a long the lines of, "Sweet! Can you come over for dinner next Sunday?! And just so you know I am inactive and my husband isn't a member, so try and teach really simply so we can understand!" WOW!! So that will be next Sunday! So I am SO excited to teach them! The work really is hastening! And I know that people are able to hear this sweet message we have for them!  I am doing really well! And  am so excited for this transfer it's one that will be FULL of miracles :)
(Beautiful Camarillo)

So for some funnies! You know how I am oddly allergic to random stuff? Well I woke up one morning and MY EYE was completely swollen shut! And it stayed like this for a few days! hahaha! I will send you one picture of my eye! 

We were tracting and we found a group of old ladies! And I guess they sit on the street bench everyday at 3:30 and talk about how they can fix the world. HAHA! So they invited us to start!

Everyone is talking about a huge earthquake that we will be having, so Sister C and I  rearranged our beds and made a little bed in the middle where we could get protection in case of an earthquake! And the bed includes: Water, granola bars, pocket knives, and scriptures! :D So IF an earthquake happens I'll be prepared!!!

Oh PS, I got that package you sent me, and my life has changed!! I LOVE THOSE CD'S!!

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