Monday, January 27, 2014

Met Coachie's Mexican twin

 It's been an amazing week! We got 4 new investigators! Isn't that great?! One of them is named Ardivan! And he is a kid in college that's just had such a hard life and is REALLY looking for change in his life. It was powerful teaching him about the restored gospel, especially about the atonement! Because he wants all the guilt of his past to be taken away! Which strengthened my testimony about the atonement!

Then we had an incredible lesson with a family that we found on accident! She is a less active lady, and she adopted a girl and has a husband who is interested in taking the lessons! She doesn't remember much about the church, so she wanted to be reminded! They were talking about how they really want o go back to church! So then they asked if they could have a blessing and have their new home dedicated! Cool huh?! So we had a member of the ward come over and do that! They are so receptive to the gospel! AND! The man is AMAZING! HIS name is Pete! And he runs like crazy!! He looks like a Mexican version of coach Allen, well his calves and goatee do! HAHA! and he runs 100k's!!!!!! CRAZY! He's training for a 50 miler!! Anyway he's legit!  THEN we got the other 2 investigators from the boys who were washing their car! :) They are SUPER interested!! I feel so blessed because we are finding the elect! :) And It's so amazing to be a part of this work. The miracles I see every day are so great!

WE did so much this week! maybe I'll list them!

-Dyed a less active girl's hair BRIGHT PINK..... hahahaha Taught her non-member husband! Said he would read the Book of Mormon! :)
-Found a bunch of scriptures of comfort to share with a family! Which in turn comforted me!
-Taught Syble the Jewish lady with Sister Curruth from the ward,  who is going through chemo! Her and her husband are SUCH and inspiration to me! She has cancer and is still devoted to missionary work!
-Walked a  Dog for a less active lady! Which gave us a really good excuse to talk to people at the dog parks! :D SCORE!
-helped a family set up a family mission plan! It was so cute, she is from Germany, and she has a daughter who is 4 and is fluent in German and English! hahah! Cutest lesson I have ever had!
-Taught Bev (the pine cone lady) about the restoration, because she has a short term memory, we decided to start from scratch! AND! She was like " oh yeah I'm getting baptized in 2 weeks". MIRACLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahah she's so hilarious, so we have to think of creative ways to remind her so she doesn't forget. Like using pictures and notes :)

Scripture that REALLY touched me! Mosiah 5:2: " Wrought a mighty change in us." I AM CHANGING! And it's so incredible! To feel the spirit in my life, and to learn and grow! BUT! I also had a HUGE perspective change! We had terrible numbers Monday and Tuesday, and then after Wednesday I changed my perspective and we got 4 new investigators!!!! I have this song on one of my CD's I listen to it EVERY morning to pump me up!! haha its pretty cheesy! I asked my companion, Sister C,  what we could do to pump her up in the morning and she said that she wanted to dance!! haha awkward. But it's motivated her, so when we exercise in the morning, we dance! I dance really funny to make her laugh and lighten the mood :D BUT! So far we are on fire and working really well together! :D:D SISTER C makes ANY ANALOGY about math!!! No matter the lesson or daily discussion! HAHAHA and she always ends with "you know" And I'm always like... No... I have NO idea! But she's cute. haha I envy her math skills, it's true! :)
CHALLENGE! MAKE a family mission plan!!! I have seen how it has blessed so many families out here! You should read the book everyday missionaries! It's really motivated our wards!!! :D LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!
Thanks for all your love and support!

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  1. It's so great to see such spiritual growth throughout her emails. Missions are life changing if you open your heart to it all.

    It seems like she's doing great. Her parents must be proud!