Monday, April 7, 2014

General Conference

Wasn't conference amazing!!! I kept thinking about all of ya!! First we woke up, and the Terrazes made the yummiest meal ever!!!!!!!! They are so nice to us!! (they are the members we live with!   :) 

I thought mom.... you could sing in the mo-tab if you wanted!! because your voice is so pretty!! And the talk where he was talking about being obedient and talked about the horses bit  and how we should let God guide us... I thought of daddy!!! And.... This one is kinda funny... the guy who is in charge of the mo-tab... he like dances... and leads the music, reminded me of Steve!!! HAHAHAHAHA I could picture Steve doing that because they have similar facial expressions hahaha isn't that funny :) I sure missed you all though during conference! 

All of the missionaries in my zone had to watch it at the stake center!! and I don't think I have ever been so sad before in my life when it was all over!!! It went by WAY TOO fast!!! but it motivated me to study more deeply the scriptures, and to pray with more intent and sincerely!!! AND! I felt kinda bad because I've been a lame letter writer to you all this week! :) BUT! I have some good news, this next transfer I am STAYING in Santa Maria with Sister B! I'm really excited!! This week was a great week! Mostly because me and Sister B are together again..... and because we were able to be uplifted by the words of apostles and prophets!!!

We have had a tough few weeks because we are dropping so many new investigators and so many of the ward members have us do service... mostly yard work or helping them move!! BUT!! I'm excited for this next transfer because I can tell miracles are right around the corner.. :) I'm gonna send you some pictures now!! :0) And!!! mother's day is coming up!!!! I'm excited for that!!!  

SO!!! FAMILY!!!! You better all buy a'Preach my Gospel' and start studying!! I wanna know what you are learning about!!! :) I know Preach my Gospel will help you be in the spirit of missionary work! :) Because days when I dedicate myself to those words... I am a more powerful disciple of Jesus Christ and I KNOW that it can give you the same outcome :) 

We went hiking as a district last p-day and found this creepy place!

Out knocking... in Orcutt and today was just WAY TOO BEAUTIFUL!!!

We went all out and treated ourselves to McDonalds!!! Wooo!!! On this day, my Junior year, I first sat on the bus with Tyler... and we became inseparable ;) I HAD to celebrate!!


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