Thursday, March 27, 2014

Focusing on the Atonement

So I have had a very crazy week! That has been rewarding but just kind of crazy too..... It's caused me to rely on the Atonement more than anything. I have never prayed so much and then after my prayers been able to feel that sense of peace. I love being a missionary. I hope I can type everything I have experienced this week! I kinda hate emailing because no words can express how I feel about my mission and how much I am truly changing!! But the Atonement is so real! And I feel so grateful that I was brought up in a family that taught me to live righteously, and I feel so blessed to have a mom and dad that are such great examples to me and taught me everything I needed to change my life around and follow our Savior. I think back on the dumb things I have done and it seriously makes me cry. That everything I have done my Savior has forgiven me for!!! I love my Savior so much... and I want to work so HARD on my mission to repay him for all he has done for me....

This week was a little rough, all of our investigators.. well 5 of them, tried to drop us.... and mom and dad... I fought for them!!! I said everything I could, and testified my heart out to them to help them  see how much they need this gospel in their lives. Thankfully, they all decided to investigate a little longer.... it was stressful!
(I love being a missionary!!)

So there are Hermanas (Spanish speaking sister missionaries) in our area and one of them went home because she was sick... so I got put in a trio this whole week! crazy huh! And we had so many things in Spanish! I felt like I was in Mexico!!!!! We taught lessons in Spanish, I learned to testify in Spanish.... and we had to move into HER apartment, so we have 3 sisters in a 1 bedroom apartment. It was a HUGE adventure! I'm actually pretty sad that they found her a new companion. A lot of the time I would just nod my head and say "si" hahaha because, let's be honest, the only words I could understand were....Jesus Cristo.... hahaha and a few others.... 

(Our trio)
We had a HUGE service project for an elderly woman where we were all pulling out weeds like CRAZY!! MOM AND DAD!!!!!!! YOU would be SO IMPRESSED!!  I seriously was hacking at a jungle, and pulling out cactus!!! It was hilarious :) 

We also had zone conference this week! AND GUESS WHAT HAPPENED!!!!!!! craziness..... :) So all of the zone, we were just sitting there... and President Castro invited me and Sister B up to give the restoration lesson in 5 mins... just like he had me do in front of my ward in Camarillo!!!! CRAZY! So. We got up there... and poor Sister B was terrified.... So we got to the first vision, and Sister B was half way through when she forgot it!! And she just started laughing... and crying... and so... it was amazing! I just took the microphone and finished it!! And I have never before felt the Spirit so strongly!!! And it was incredible because Sister B recovered so quickly!!! I WAS SO IMPRESSED!! She then bore a powerful testimony!!! President stood up and made the zone discuss what stood out to them about what we said... and everyone said the nicest things! It was such an incredible experience!!! Now every time I see President, I'm just going to expect him to make us talk hahaha!! I cried so much at zone conference... to be honest, I might need my eyes checked... because they water so much... hahahaha! 

(Sister B and I bonding on our futon) 

SUNDAY!!! We had A CRAZY! DAY! President called and told us that he found Hermana B a new companion!!  AND told me and Sister B that we could go to the LA temple for her birthday!!! Isn't that amazing!?! :) We also had a fireside that was powerful! It was about the converts in the Young Single Adult ward!! We had some investigators show up and feel the Spirit so strong!!  It was so powerful to hear a bunch of  converts' stories!! :) Sigh :)

I REALLY love you all!!! And I'm doing really good out here in Santa Maria!! :)
I LOVE YOU!!!! :):)
-Sister Collings

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