Monday, April 28, 2014

That little stinker!

The Elders gave me cowboy boots... haha AND a protein shake!! :)

Holy smokes my family is going to be growing!!!! I'm so happy that Sarah will be a part of our family!! :) She is so cute!! Ya she totally fits into our family! :)

Conman!!! he looks way too big.... BUT... I love his glasses!! :) My baby brother is growing up WAY TOO FAST!!!!! it's crazy!!! :)

This week has been pretty incredible! I have never been so blessed!!! When we had a meeting with Elder Nelson, he said that the curse of our mission was our cars!! So me and Sister B took that to heart and we walked from appointment to appointment, and we promised God that we would talk to ANYONE and EVERYONE he decided to place in our paths.... THAT was pretty hilarious!!! SO anyone we saw... we talked to them!! HAHA! There was this lady standing in this field..... SO we B-lined and like ran across the field to talk to her... she looked scared... but we were able to have a nice chat with her... she wasn't interested... yet :) We saw a young man, about 20 years old, walking in a hurry, and looking super stressed! We stopped him and he told us that his ex- girlfriend was about to overdose on drugs... and he had to stop her! Well... We were able to bare a powerful testimony!! We gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon, and taught about how much that had blessed our lives, and gave us peace and happiness. THAT was an amazing experience. We even talked to a VAN FULL of Mexicans... who were literally visiting from Mexico... I was able to kinda say a few things in Spanish!! BUT!! It changed my attitude, and really made me feel like whoever I saw this week HAD to hear what I have to say! So that was powerful!!

THAT was all the beginning of the week... and then it all flipped around!

Our two solid investigators had read anti Mormon material... it was really stressful... and then Sister B was sick for 2 days... and we had to stay in... I just studied my scriptures, which was fun.... but then... I started getting really down on myself... You see Satan is REALLY TRICKY! He wanted me to feel like a terrible missionary! And guess what, I did! I had forgotten about all the miracles we had seen, and I felt homesick, and just really down. It's hard to explain. I just cried. And kept thinking, " What am I doing wrong!?" Satan is MEAN. WELL!!! SUNDAY was amazing! Sister B started feeling better!! And... our good bishop asked us if we would come into his office. He told us how much he appreciated us, and he told us that he felt impressed to tell us we weren't doing anything wrong. That maybe God just wants us to learn how to be diligent NO MATTER WHAT!! And that maybe our ward just needed strengthening!! :)  That changed my whole attitude again! But holy smokes that bishop is inspired!! :)  And then we added up all our numbers, and we were able to get double the number we normally get! Even though we had 2 sick days!!! Isn't Satan a little stinker?! He wanted me to feel bad because we were doing so good!!! And I really am learning how to be diligent... :) 

Someone bore their testimony in relief society and they said something powerful. BAM (But A Moment) A man with MS had borne his testimony, and that is what he said... He was going through so much, but he knew it was all "But a Moment".  And I agree...Isn't that powerful?!!!  My mission is flying by! I'm nearly half way done!! It really is but a moment... these trials I go through, they are making me stronger :)

Anyway... my week was so good! And I feel so blessed to be a missionary! IF ANYTHING, I know for a fact that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, that God loves me and is aware of me, and that I have a Savior and Redeemer :) I am soo blessed everyday! :)

OH!! And can I tell you how much I love taking the sacrament! It feels so nice to renew my covenants and start fresh each week :)

Love Sister Collings :)

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