Monday, July 14, 2014

When the going gets tough, the tough get going!!


When the going gets tough, the tough get going! I have thought that simple phrase over and over this week. All of our investigators dropped us and Sister H and I got sick. Wow. I prayed for a trial to help me and Sister H to grow and become better, I just never thought it would have been THAT! haha! 

I'll be honest, this week my motivation felt low, and I felt down, but I kept going! I have LOVED learning the power of prayer because I know God is aware of me and what I am going through! There's a scripture that REALLY hit me this week! Alma 38:5 " that as much as you shall put your trust in God even so much that ye shall be delivered out of your trials and afflictions ye shall be lifted up at the last day!" Wow. What an incredible promise! I know that I must keep going and I know that I can get strength through my Savior!
I know why I am here, and I know NONE of my effort are wasted! 

Sister H is an incredible missionary! Even though it was a hard week she was still motivated to keep working! She is a dedicated servant of the Lord! We heard that her dad was in town and she could have gotten homesick or distracted but she kept going! Which was an incredible example to me. 

In Tyler's email he said, "There is nothing and I mean NOTHING that can ever get in the way of this divine work and it's progression. I don't care if I go home with bags under my eyes, torn white shirts and ties, or holes in my shoes. I will not and cannot stop doing my absolute best in bringing Heavenly Father's children a knowledge of the restored gospel." THAT hit me SO HARD!!! I'm thankful for his example and how dedicated he is so that when my fuel is on low I can keep going! So I just want to add my testimony to that! I KNOW that I can keep going when things get tough! I am trying everyday to give more of myself, and to be honest I spend most days on my knees.. Because I am weak. I fall short a lot! But how grateful I am for the atonement to carry me. And boy have I been carried this week. There is NO way I could keep going on my mission without my Savior and friend Jesus Christ!

Love you All!
LOVE, Sister Kaylea Collings!

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