Monday, November 24, 2014

A day in the life of Sister Collings

If you want to experience a day in the life of Sister Collings, I'll have you know that I will talk to anyone and everyone that comes into my path, and I won't take no for an answer. :) And this week we saw SO many miracles from just talking to so many people all day everyday! Here's a few of them:

We taught a man named Charley who was a  tobacco chewin' cowboy... who insisted he wasn't interested, and that he was busy... luckily I hear that excuse 10 times a day! And so I disregard that and start teaching the powerful message of the restoration! Turns out, Charley didn't know we were Christians and he was really happy that we believe in Christ. We taught him for a good 10 minutes and he left with a smile on his face and a Book of Mormon in his hand... and KNOWING that we are Christians :)

One night we could hear the ocean waves crashing, and we decided to take a moment to stop and smell the roses. Well turns out miracles happen when you do that... we met a man named Mike! We charged up to him in the dark and exclaimed who we were and he replied with "Yeah, obviously you're missionaries, why else  would you come talk to me in the dark!" We were able to teach him the restoration and leave him with a Book of Mormon too! haha I love these little miracles we see everyday! We got a beautiful ocean view on a starry night, and a new investigator!

We talked to a sassy man in his front yard while gardening who was NOT interested at all. And had no intention of listening. We walked past his home a while later and saw him kiss his pregnant wife goodbye and drive off to work. We HAD to take advantage of the situation! She is bringing a baby into the world and she needed to know where it came from!  So we knocked on the door and chatted with HIS wife! She said she's not very opinionated, but since she is pregnant she probably ought to be! So we taught her the restoration and she left with a Book of Mormon in hand!

We also felt like we should knock on a home and it was a beautiful Muslim couple. We taught THEM the restoration and they were in awe. And took a Book of Mormon.

I guess what I am trying to say is the message of the restoration is powerful, and I take for granted how many miracles I see each day just by sharing this message! I love it because every time we share it, a new light comes into everyone's eyes. And I am more converted to this Gospel!

We were also to serve at a homeless shelter where we gave the homeless people combs and toothbrushes. It was so much fun to see them read our badges and feel Christ's love for them :)

I LOVED this week and next week will be insane! We have two exchanges one in LOMPOC and one in SOLVANG, And then me and Sister H get to go to the temple on Friday since it's our birthday months!! Its been an incredible week :)

Love you all!!
Love Sister Collings!

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