Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Happy Birthday!

This week has been so fun!! So many miracles and just working our hardest! :) Sunday we were so busy me and Sister H talked in sacrament meeting, taught Gospel Principles, and have taught in Young Women's! I love how much the ward uses us! It was a busy Sunday, that's for sure! This week was so fun because we had 2 meetings in Ventura and then an exchange in SANTA MARIA!!
We did service for sister N who has been less active for awhile; it was so fun! We cleaned her glass dolls, some were pretty creepy, in fact I still get nightmares from the glass Shirley Temple! And we cleaned her backyard! While we were eating pizza she really opened up to us, and then we had a lesson with her on Friday about temples! We were able to set a goal date for when her husband and her could get sealed! It was so amazing! They are a hilarious couple who are always sarcastic and using funny terms. When he said he wanted to be with his wife forever Sister N started crying and said " do you really mean that?" IT was so precious! So they have a game plan to get to the temple! It was fun to help them plan it out :) 
We also had a great lesson with our investigator Sammy. We gave her and her daughter a church tour and they just loved it!! It was adorable when her daughter saw the baptismal font, she was SO excited! I love how strong the spirit is in the Chapel room :)
I was also able to go on exchanges in SANTA MARIA!!! I went with Sister G! And she had a goal on inviting people to be baptized and being bold. So we had a lesson with one of her investigators, and we raked a TON of leaves, and then taught her. At the end of the lesson Sister G was able to invite her to be baptized! It was amazing how God gave us that opportunity! She is an incredible missionary, who IS devoted :) Two weeks prior, this lady was yelling at the missionaries at her door step, and now her heart is so soft we were able to invite her to be baptized! Also I was able to see SO many people I used to teach! A TON of less actives are doing SO great! Which made me so happy! There was a lady who HASN'T been going to church that did when I was there, so I was able to get after her with a WHOLE lot of love! And she said she would go to church next Sunday! :) It's amazing to see how even though I served in Santa Maria, it is SO different! The people are WAY more prepared now than they were 8 months ago. The work really is hastening :)
This week I was studying more about Heavenly Father, and it was incredible to be able to get to know him a little better, and it was incredible how much my prayers changed after studying who he is. 
It's been a great week! I love you all!! 
Love Sister Collings!!
One of our long road trips!!

We raked this lady's front yard!

Inside our cool apartment!

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