Tuesday, December 9, 2014

O that I were an Angel

Holy Smokes it has been such a great week in San Luis Obispo! And to be hones, I hope I stay in this area until the end of my mission! Why? Because I am so head over heels for this place! The people, the views, and the food!! :) Yes. They have this place here that is JUST divine!! It's called "Mr. Pickles" and it's the tastiest sandwich shop :) This week this scripture REALLY spoke to me. Actually, I am pretty sure this scripture speaks to every missionary world wide... BUT! It's:

Alma 29:1 O that I were an Angel and could have the wish of mine heart, that I might go forth and speak with a trumpet of God, with a voice to shake the earth and cry repentance to every people.

THAT is how I feel this week! I Just wish I could convert this whole darn world!! And help them see and really comprehend the significance of this gospel! This gospel and my mission has changed every perspective I've ever had! ;) Seriously. I want to be the most perfect missionary, but I suppose I'll just have to be perfect in trying. But this week was a good one... some awkward moments I don't want to confess... but perhaps I can tell you just as a voice of warning haha.

MONDAY: We were able to hike Bishop's Peak, and it was SO MUCH fun!! I got my whole district to run with me! Actually, I didn't say anything, I just started running and they followed :D It was incredible to run up this monument with my district, I felt like I got to re-live being a cross country runner! I missed so badly having lactic acid build up, and burning lungs. haha But it was such a blessing. And another miracle we saw was we felt like we should knock on a less actives home named Danielle! Turns out she had to move to Ohio because of the really bad divorce she is going through, and it was 8 pm, and she had to pack up the whole home and leave in the morning! And.. She hadn't even started! So me and Sister H, as briskly as our bodies could handle, helped her make dinner for her kids and pack up everything! Such a tender mercy that we felt prompted to be there and were able to help someone in crisis mode. We left her with a scripture and a prayer and insured her that Heavenly Father was aware of her situation, and THAT is why we were led to come help her. :)

TUESDAY: We drove down to Ventura for missionary leadership counsel. And spent the day discussing different matters, and accounting for what we have done with those in our stewardship! And this meeting gave me a lot of hope in this world! I just felt so giddy that there were 50  missionaries who LOVED this mission and wanted to do Anything and EVERYTHING to help it succeed the way God needs it! I just loved hearing all of the testimonies! It was a WHOLE day of meetings full of knowledge and discussion. As if that wasn't good enough, the senior missionaries SPOILED us with delicious food :) 

WEDNESDAY: This... day is one I will never forget... I went on an exchange with Sister R, who is a completely devoted missionary, who is a POWER house! Well, first thing we went to a less actives home to help organize, and she was telling me about how AMAZING apple cider vinegar is for your body! So she drank a Huge cup full. So Then I asked her if I could try it, hoping it would make me as healthy as could be. Well, I didn't even think that it would taste bad...  Oh how I was wrong. It was HORRID and it burned!!! So I then began to choke and throw up for the next 5 minutes... all over her kitchen.... don't worry, I eventually made it to her sink.... I thought I was going to die! I instantly lost my voice and had a HUGE headache, and I think some acid went into my lungs because I was dying. Well...  Sister R continued to serve her as I layed down on the carpet thinking of my last words... I thought I was dying. Well finally I felt a little better. So I helped serve and we were on our way ... the whole exchange my voice was gone. I would try and testify, and not only did it hurt, it was very hard to interpret through my grunge-like noises... hahhah!!  That poor sister pretty much went solo.... Well that night, I got a HUGE fever.... I think my body was just in pure shock and I was coughing like CRAZY! That's when my self induced bronchitis started. haha

THURSDAY: I fell in love with fuzzy socks, Mucinex, and of course the piano guys. It's great that even when you feel like death, God helps you to remember the small and simple things :) 

FRIDAY: Still had zero voice, but went to some appointments :) We had a VERY fun Christmas devotional called Sing Noel, where they REALLY brought the Christmas spirit. We had a LOT of less actives attend, and it was beautiful. The parts I could hear in between my couching attacks! haha and I was able to bear my testimony and have sympathy on a missionary who was struggling it was so special to be able to tell her that missions are WORTH it, and trials bring us closer to Heavenly Father. What a blessing!

SATURDAY: We were able to attend a baptism and a bunch of missionaries came and brought their investigators. It was powerful to feel the spirit and I just couldn't handle it,  my mission made me so weak. haha! Then we taught a lady in the ward and read the Book of Mormon with her. We were talking about the Savior, and she kept saying " I love Him with my whole heart" She is a little handicapped, so it was just so precious! I loved hearing her testimony of the Savior :) 

SUNDAY: I was 100% better and just enjoyed every second. We had a lot of lessons and were running from place to place. We taught about the Word of Wisdom and the law of chastity, we taught about family home evening, and we taught about the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon!! :) My favorite part was watching the Christmas devotional at a less actives home :)  I loved it so much! And I couldn't help but think when it was that I  came to know that the church was true... and to be honest, I am so grateful for my parents... because  they raised me in such a way that I never had to question the truthfulness... because it was made known to me on a daily basis. It was made known to me because I had nightmares, and the power of prayer and listening to primary songs are what comforted me. It was made known to me by seeing how important prayer and scripture study was to my parents, because dad would call us almost EVERYDAY if he was out of town. And it was made known to me by incredible primary teachers... I don't know HOW they were able to handle me, but I remember one time that Sister Mills sang Joseph Smith's First Prayer to my primary class, and I felt the spirit SO strong that I know Joseph Smith was a prophet! I am just so grateful for the life I have lived and for the testimony I have gradually gained that THIS IS the one and only true church restored by the prophet Joseph Smith. We have Christ's church on the earth again today, and THAT changes everything!! 

I am so grateful for my mission! Thank you all for your love and support! This holiday season is going to be one of the BEST one yet. I can tell :)

Love you all!!!!
Love, Sister Kaylea Collings 

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