Sunday, March 8, 2015

Plant Killer

We all hello!! This week was another tiring but wonderful week!! :)

We did a lot of service! It was fun, we serve one of our investigators, Gene Marie who is like a glorified tree hugger! She has different water to water each of her plants, because they like different ones... and it makes them happy... apparently!  As I was applying miracle grow to her rose bush, I was telling her about when I watered plants in Provo, and when I forgot to water them they pretty much died, and as soon as I put miracle grow on the plants they came back to life!! I thought that was an impressive story. I thought I would share it with her to prove I knew the power of miracle grow... Well, turns out it's offended her so badly that I had killed a plant... And she turned her wheelchair facing me and said, "Sister Collings that hurts me" and she didn't say a word to me the rest of the day... So... note to self.. no more telling stories about killing plants.

We also cleaned a hoarders home.. We have been working on it for an hour a week in just one room! Week 1 we finally got enough room to open the door! SUCCESS!! Week 2/3 we made a hallway out of all the stuff, and this week we cleared off a desk!!! She has SOOO MUCH stuff! But it's incredible what a difference we are making in that room! Plus, seeing her face after we clean is priceless! :) She is so grateful! And she always says the nicest prayers in our behalf,  just thanking Heavenly Father for her "angels."

Lots of spiritual experiences this week :) I will summarize and it may not make sense... but I can explain it great detail later :)

We taught Sarah, and we read "Approaching the Throne of God with Confidence!" And it was insane how strong the spirit was! A member we brought with us had a VERY similar past as Sarah, and they were all in tears sharing their experiences. At the end of it all, Sarah told us that she knew God brought her and this member together to get strength from one another! BUT She could definitely use some prayers!!

We also taught watched the restoration DVD with Michelle! And sang a song about Joseph Smith, and I was able to bare my testimony about how I came to know that Joseph Smith was a true prophet. It brought me to tears and strengthened my testimony even more. I am So thankful for the opportunity I get to bear my testimony so often! I can feel my faith growing!

We have 2 Return Missionary Sisters in the ward, and I took one of them tracting with me, and Sister Woods took another to all the lessons. These girls are incredible! And it was such a fun day! We found an undercover less active, and a new investigator who is 80, and wants to know more about the plan of salvation! Before we left he said "Thank you for your work of salvation in my behalf!" It was adorable! And very refreshing to meet a man so humble to learn more and such an old age!

Prayer has played a huge role this week :) I have felt Heavenly Father's love so much! It's what gets me through the day!!

I love being a missionary!


Tell us one thing that has impressed you about your mission president and his wife: They have so much light. It motivates me to grow in light and they just make you want to be around them because you feel close to Christ.

Has Sister Felix helped you become a better missionary? If so what has she done? Yes! She is incredible! Honestly, I love how devoted she is to president Felix! She loves him with a pure love. It's motivating and she radiates! Makes me want to work as hard as I can to become that Christlike and selfless!

Does she do any training?  Does she participate in all the zone conferences? If so, what does she do? She speaks at a lot of different meetings and we call them once a week and talk about how we are doing and how our exchanges went.

How many baptisms have you had? I have lost count... I have it written down 15 people I have taught have been baptized, but I have only been to about 8 baptisms :)

What advice would you give to future sister missionaries? To get their personal progress done! I am doing mine again, and everything in there is what I do as a missionary! It's awesome.

Love, Sister Collings!

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