Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sweet Plan of Salvation Lesson

What a week it has been here in Simi! Transfers happened and I will be staying With Sister B! We will still be Sister training leaders! This week was an interesting one. Turns out that ending a mission is more stressful than i EVER thought it could be! I threw up for 2 days... I'm pretty sure out of stress and now my eye ball is Swollen! It kinda looks like a spider bite... but really, I'm not sure at all! I'm short on time but i have a poem i wrote a long time ago that encompasses how I'm feeling right now on my mission!:


I will not give up
I will not cool down
The Kingdom is at hand
I want to wear the Crown

When I am Exhausted
When Push comes to Shove
I want to show my father that
My heart is full of love

I'll Show him by my joy
I'll show him in the work I'll do
He'll know I'm a disciple
He'll see it in my attitude.

I'll lift up my head
I'll turn my voice on loud
the kingdom is at hand
I hope my father's proud

We are seeing so many miracles here in Simi! We just got an incredible new investigator! Brother Lang, a member of the ward, thought about one of his friends while he was in the temple! And so he called them and asked them if they would listen to a message from the missionaries! It was incredible! We stopped by with he Langs and taught the plan of salvation! And turns out the man's wife is dying of cancer. It was breast cancer but now it's in her spine. Her pigment is all gone from her face and she is bald, but her spirit was so bright! There were so many tears shed as they looked at my hand drawn plan of salvation pieces. They had hope that even though she was dying, they would be together again! It was such a spiritual experience! I LOVE being a missionary and I love teaching this uplifting and incredible message! I do feel incredible stress, but I also have even more joy!! So it's all worth it!! :) I Love you all!!

Love Sister Kaylea Collings!!!

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