Monday, October 28, 2013


MOMMY!!!!!!! AND DADDY!!!! The poeple here are so great! Everyone is so excited about missionary work it's nuts!!!!! :):) Like everyone!! We already have an investigator with a baptismal date :) And.... welp my apartment is so fancy we basically live inside a condo.... yeah, I'm spoiled..... serious it is so beautiful!!!!!!! We have a washer and dryer and 2  bathrooms..... sheeesshh :) But I am serving in Camarillo and HOLY RICH PEOPLE!!!! hahaha I spent a day trying to convert bajillionaires hahaha and yeah.... it was intimidating, but so fun!!!! Everyone is taking such good care of me, we have dinner appts. every single night. The funny thing is that we had chicken pot pies every day for the first week here!!! haha and beleive it or not, I have gone running every single day :) OH!!!! You should tell other people to write me letters.... because I have all p-day to write letters but only an hour to read all my emails and write evryone including my mission president :)
My companion is so great :) she's from Idaho... and yeah her hair is mermaid hair!!! SO.....  my quest for long hair is still totally on :):) Im not at 19 inches :) only 5 more to go!!!!!! But she has really been pushing me to talk to everybody which I don't have a probelm with :) it's just so fun :):):)
Seriously, I just go knocking door to door and MAN these homes are nice...... there is a mansion that owns a mountain and they have a white picket fence around all their land which is like the whole mountain :):):)  
Yes I got my drivers license, when I saw a letter from you in the mail, I cried!!! hahaha because I know your handwriting and it just made me so happy :):):):) yeah I love you guys!!!!!
The work is hard, but it's so good!!! Everybody is just so motivated, and I haven't had one door slammed in my face..... rather, just attacked by lots of fancy dogs! hahaha! Man I love you guys... I have like zero time,  but letters are great because, like I said I have all day to reply :)

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