Monday, November 11, 2013

A change of perspective always helps

Wow you guys are the best parents ever!! :) Dad I can't believe all those experiences you are having! That's so neat :) you guys are the best examples i know :) And i love getting your emails! I feel so blessed to have such great friends and family! I have received letters from people in our old ward, and my cousins, and friends! You have no idea how much it lifts my spirit and helps me out!!
I'll be honest with all of you! This was the first week where I felt kinda down. And not motivated... Everybody was so rude this week....  And I was just so tired.. BUT! Then something great happened.. I realized that I am doing everything I can! I am being obedient, and I am telling everyone and anyone i see about the gospel and even though they are jerks, I have no control over it.. they still deserve to hear this message. Then I realize that all of the prophets in the book of Mormon did what I'm doing and hey they were all rejected... like a million times. Some were even killed! But we do it because this is part of God's plan! And pretty much changing my perspective helped me a whole lot! As long as i talk to everyone I see and as long as I'm obedient and doing the things I know I'm supposed to, people have agency to act how they will. Which makes me sad. BUT it doesn't mean that i have failed.
So once I changed my perspective, this week was amazing!! We even had a lady come up to us randomly and ask us if she could come to our church! UMMM WHAT!!! hahaha That was cool. And another cool thing we had this week was at our dinner appt. we got so many referrals!! And one of the girls asked if she could be my personal trainer.. UMM excuse me? haha! But she said my body is a blank canvas to work on... anyway, she gave me a workout schedule and foods I have to eat! Which i am so happy!!!  Since i have been doing her thing i have so much more energy and I can even tighten my belt loop a cinch tighter! ;)
Anyway, Missions are hard. BUT! I know that it's really helping me grow.. and I have already been out a month! Which blows my mind :) I have the best friends and family EVER! And I am so lucky to be on team Jesus to save the world!!! hahaha some days... well, like this whole week, I felt like I was in a war zone.. people would see us on their porch and lock their doors and turn off the lights.. and i swear one family even turned on the sprinklers!!!  THE funniest thing that was said to me this week was after i bore testimony of the book of Mormon...  And i even felt the spirit!  this man said, " when I was little I used to whistle, and I thought it was the most beautiful music!! But everyone else just told me to shut up." Wow. hahaha!! I almost went KK KABOOM on him.. but no worries I spared him :)
This week I was really humbled and really had to rely on Help from on high!!! And it helped me know my purpose as a missionary!!! I sure love you guys :):)
STEVE IS DATING CAMILLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At first I was like weird. I dunno about that!! Because Steve and I have a special bond.. and umm I was just like.. I don't approve. BUT then I remember who Camille is and what I thought of her before I knew she was taking over my brother. And I thought she was adorable!!! And so talented!!! I remember in high school I thought she looked like a fairy. haha!  So after much consideration. You have my approval!  haha Although if Maizey or Avery loves her more than me... I may be bitter.. :) haha!
-Sister Collings

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  1. A wise man once said, "If you change the way you look at things the things you look at change." It changed my life!