Monday, February 10, 2014

Crazy like a Circus!

Its been a super great week! :) We have had so many miracles happen!! First off Shaylind, Alieke, and Beverly will all be getting baptized on Saturday!! :) I feel soo blessed that I am able to be a part of this journey of bringing these people closer to Christ! it has been such a special experience! :) Beverly had her baptismal interview!! And She PASSED!!! I never thought we would see the day! BUT! PRAYER and FASTING works!!!! :)

-Sunday we had 7 investigators come to church!  Two of them were new! One we didn't even know, just showed up! One was brought with a member! But then we had Becky, Shaylind, Alieke, Beverly, and Sybyl! Holy smokes I felt like I was in charge of a circus! Normally we have like 2 investigators each week at church, so it was pretty fun!! Sister C and I had to divide and conquer! "Within sight and sound", of course! :D But wow. I am blessed!!

- Pete and Deneice let us come over and do a service project for them.... THIS was pretty awkward... because, well they had me clean their bathroom... and Welp in ALL my years of being a janitor... welp... I THOUGHT I could use.... toilet bowl cleaner to get off the hard water... around the sink... welp I tried it... and it like BURNED THE SINk!!!!!! All the faucets like turned dark brown.... and were stained... so that was a really awkward moment... :)

-We painted Elle's home! BUT she did something that was... well not very intelligent. She got all the paint buckets, and paint brushes, and put them outside of her appt.  and then started dumping them in the gutter... and so then she was freaking out because she realized it would stain and paint them all!! So we spent the next hour running back and forth with buckets of water, making the white river run down to the drain! Hahaha! And when we left her apartment, the white river gutter was like 2 miles long..... yeah. it was pretty awkward.

 BUT!!! HEEYY!! Its been an amazing week, that's for sure! and I'm so grateful for all of your prayers and support. I really do love you all! :) Sorry it's so short but here's some pictures! :D

 "Asparagus field!" 
(Mom here, I'm thinking she's confused, they look a lot like artichokes! Haha! )
"Us and our cute investigator!"

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