Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine's and Baptisms

BEVERLY FINALLY GOT BAPTIZED!!! IT WAS INCREDIBLE!!!! So we stopped by Friday.. you know to pump her up... and well she said she wasn't sure if she would show up or not... Well needless to say, SHE SHOWED UP!!!!!!!!! She was like super grouchy!! Like to the Max!  And was like " Why are there so many chairs?" "If the waters Cold I'm NOT getting in!" And HOLY smokes she was disgusted with the white suit... and wouldn't let us get a picture with her haha! BUT! As soon as the baptism started the WHOLE MOOD CHANGED!!! She was smiling and laughing and her grandson gave her a teddy bear! Which she tried to take with her in the baptismal font! HAHA! BUT! holy smokes... it was incredible! After she was Baptized she kept saying over and over, "Yes this is what I needed to do." isn't that incredible? Her heart was softened and she let us get some pictures after all!! haha but that was the neatest experience! Beverly has been through about 15 sets of missionaries. So I just kept thinking about all those missionaries who have tried so hard!! I'm sure they wouldn't believe she got baptized! Even the DAY of the baptism I wasn't sure if she would or not!! haha!! but wow. It was incredible!! And Beverly has been paying her tithing for 2 years now! hahaha funny huh!! But now she really is a member of the church <3 THIS is an experience I'll NEVER forget.

The Spirit was so special at their baptism! Truly! It was incredible! They are the two in white, and the cool thing is that Shaylind's brother came! And he said he wants to take the missionary discussions!! He was drunk... So we will have to ask him again... BUT! He was all up for it then! haha! Shaylind cried the Whole time.. It was so special to see the changes!! We met Shaylind and Alieke outside their home tracting! He was having a garage sale. haha! He was atheist for 10 years and he said he felt the holy spirit that day at his garage sale, so he KNEW there was a god. And after the baptism he bore the most powerful testimony! Alieke gave me the BIGGEST HUG! I thought she was gonna snap in my arms because shes so tiny! BUT wow, they kept thanking us over and over, and you could just see their happiness! Shaylind has been without work for 10 years and finally got a job interview! And he said he knows God is blessing him!! :) I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! This Saturday was such a special day! To feel the spirit really change peoples lives! The gospel of Jesus Christ it here as a gift from our Heavenly Father to truly bring us happiness!! :) Sunday they were confirmed and that was so cute :) Because they were just so in love and happy and teary eyed sighhhh :) it was special!!

I really love you all! I got your Valentines card! I am impressed with the oragamy money folding!! haha! And!!!! I LOVED the Nacho quotes :D I really miss you guys! It's pretty weird... I'm prolly gonna come home from my mission and never leave home again! So HA. you'll be stuck with me forever :) bahaha 
We were too happy this week!

Our Valentines Decor, kinda lame but cool.

Happy Valentines Day!!

...AND transfers are NEXT WEEK!! Isn't that cool!? It's funny because Tyler got transferred to a SUPER nice area in South Africa, it would be funny if I got moved to a ghetto part of Cali huh!! I'll let you know tomorrow :):)

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  1. To the mother of this missionary. I think you need to put this blog as private because if any of her investigators/ converts were to read this and the post is about them, it could hurt them. To characterize a new convert by using adjectives that seem to tease like grouchy, or calling them a mafia godfather when she doesn't really know the man can be construed as insulting and condescending. Please be sensitive in sharing all she reports as much of it should be kept private by you.