Monday, February 24, 2014


Transfers!!!!! Wow. haha My world has been flipped upside down! :) haha I don't know for good or bad! But I'm so excited for the new adventure I'll be facing! :)

 So, I will now be serving in Santa Marie, and my new companion is Sister B... I don't know her... haha but I'm excited to!! I hear she is super great! I'll be the senior companion finally!! AND I GET TO DRIVE!! :) I hope i haven't forgotten how.... I hear Santa Marie is a cute farming community! So maybe it will remind me of cute Grannyville :) I'm sad to leave Camarillo! It's the only thing I know!! But I'm excited for change :) 

I dyed my hair! Actually, I had my comp. Sister C, dye my hair haha she has never ever heard of hair dying.... so it was the most hilarious experience! :) 

This week was pretty great! We had SOOO many service projects! We  helped a new investigator move in. Cleaned an investigator's bathroom, cleaned another investigator's kitchen... hahaha I'm really HAPPY that I was a "Jan-ops Specialist" when I worked for dad!! Haha Because I was a cleaning animal! haha And it REALLY softens hearts out here when you clean :)

We had such a beautiful Sunday! Shaylind and Alieke now have temple recommends to go do baptisms for the dead! AND he has the Aaronic priesthood! It's so amazing to see people you love so much progress in the Gospel :) AND MIRACLE!!! RIGHT AFTER SHAYLIND GOT BAPTIZED HE GOT A JOB!!!!!!!!!! He has been unemployed for a very long time! Miracles are happening left and right! 

I FINALLY am able to refuse desert at members homes.... hahaha it was so hard... But you would be so proud of me! :) Sorry this is so short!! BUT! THE MISSION IS GREAT! :) And I feel more and more blessed everyday!! LOVE YOU ALL! :D

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