Monday, March 3, 2014

Preaching the Gospel to the Godfather

I have zero time. I only have a 1/2 hour to write today! But wow, I love it here! This is a picture of my new companion! We are so much alike it's weird :)

My favorite street in Santa Maria where we found our new investigator.  

This area is crazy! I taught a godfather of a mafia.... and he was way interested! He went to jail, and has now changed his life around. 

We also taught this guy that said something hilarious, he was like " yeah you my SISTA'S! WE BE PRAISING JESUS TOGETHER!!!! Why you think the birdies in the tree always be singing a song? Because THEY BE PRAISING JESUS TOO!" :) hahahahahaha! I love Santa Maria! I LOVE my new companion! And there is so much work to be done here!

Mom here, Kaylea's letter was really short today, but I wanted to post a few fun pictures I got from people in California. She had gone to dinner at the Giles Ranch and they sent me an email saying how much they loved Kaylea and her companion. This was when she was still in Camarillo. I just wanted to save it for her records.

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