Monday, March 17, 2014

Comfort Zone

I'll be honest with you all! At times Santa Maria makes me feel so uncomfortable! BUT!! I read something pretty powerful! It says "There is no growth in the comfort zone and no comfort in growth." I decided.... heck ya! This is not comfortable! BUT! There is no other way I could be who God wants me to be!! So that really changed my perspective this week! So whenever something awkward happened... I'm just like... "Bring it on! I'm growing!" :D

Everyday I am reminded of how blessed I am! So... my week in a nutshell:
-Ate eggplant lasagna! Pretty weird. 
-I actually like Mexican suckers now!! The spicy watermelon taste isn't bad after the first few! :)
-Relief society gave us the cutest care packages! It was filled with pedicure and manicure things and had the scripture Romans 10:15 next to it.
-I learned to play some really intense dodge ball with my district! 

I am the only English speaking sister in the zone... so most of the time I just pretend I know what everyone is saying! I've been learning some pretty great Spanish :) My district leader and I don't communicate well... because my Spanish is bad and so is his English!!! hahaha

-AWKWARD moment of the week... we were out tracting all week... and it was so HOT! Well one of the ward members asked us if we would like some water!! We accepted... little did we know what was about to happen.... :(  He asks " We have lemonade, would you prefer that?" YES! Sounds amazing!!!
So here we are drinking lemonade when the wife walks over... and starts screaming..... NOOOOO!!!!!!!! How could you give that to the sisters????...... Apparently that "Lemonade" he gave us was full of laxatives... for their son who was super sick... We had a really good laugh... but that was the LAST time we laughed the rest of the night..... Not cool.

I'm having a hard time focusing while I'm typing you... because we are in the genealogy center... and the ladies behind me just found a bunch of names... so they are CRAZY! haha So bear with me...

OHH!!! I cut Sister B's hair.... She had longer hair and I chopped it to like her chin... I actually didn't do too bad, I was surprised she let me! BUT it was pretty fun :)

If anything, on my mission so far I am really learning the power of repentance... how it can be used daily in our lives.... in the bible dictionary it says repentance is "a change of mind, a fresh view about God, ones self, and about the world." My mind has literally been changed. And my perspective has changed so much!! I know what God expects of me and I know now that I won't settle for less. And all the mistakes I have made in my life give me strength. At times it's hard not to compare myself to all the other Elders and Sisters... BUT! I look back at where I was last year... or even at the start of my mission and I am so happy! You would laugh if you heard me pounding on everyone's door.... because I want everyone in the house to hear my message because I KNOW that this will change their lives forever. JUST like it has changed mine! Repentance to me is just changing to become more like our Savior. I feel so blessed to be here and to be serving my Heavenly Father, to bring his children back home to him :)

OHHH!!! one more thing! There is an ice cream man hear with the FUNNIEST vehicle I have ever seen! It's a white creepy van and in sharpie it says George's Ice cream :) hahaha

I Love you ALL!!!!! 

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