Monday, March 10, 2014

Things I've learned in my new area

I know, I know, I am guilty of not writing... It's just crazy adjusting to a new area... haha!  and ya :) I'm learning my new area really well! 

Sister B is pretty TERRIBLE at giving directions.... BUT!! I finally got her figured out!! Seriously! Every time she tells me to go left, I just go right AND when she tells me to go right, I go left. She is terrible.... hahaha and there were a few times we got lost... BUT! found really amazing people! So God even helps out missionaries when they are lost, as long as they are working hard!! haha It's pretty comical seeing us driving together... let's be honest, you could probably make a TV show out of it!

So my new area is HUGE! It covers a lot of small, ghetto cities!! And some really cute ones :)
It covers Santa Maria, Orcutt, Los Alamos, Casmalia, and Sisquoc. I'll be honest... it's hard out here... because I don't know anyone, and it is causing me to rely on my Heavenly Father more than ever before! And my companion and I are the only set of sisters in our whole zone... so it's really awkward because the missionaries don't talk to us... and when we sing.... they all sing base and my voice stands out.... hahahahaha! It sounds so bad! BUT!! The weirdest part of my mission now is that I am the minority!! Seriously! It's crazy! And everyone I have ever met here has been in a gang, or IS in a gang! We even taught the Godfather of the mafia... whatever that means! But dont worry! I am being obedient so I know I will be protected! And the rules here are strict! Like we can't be in certain places after dark. Everyday i just want to break down because the people's lives here are so hard... nobody is faithful to anyone. It's made me so thankful for good ol Grantsville and Tooele! Actually, a lot of people out here know about Grantsville, so that's cool! BUT it's pretty exciting, and I'm being humbled so much!  I am learning to really love these people! isn't that cool? But, gosh, I have never felt so alone... so I am praying like overtime... 

Things I've learned in my new area:

  • Wild boars are like way rude and creepy...
  • Dogs love missionaries...
  • California rats are HUGE!!!!
  • I learned how to make a real Spanish tortilla out of eggs and potatoes...
  • Gangs are so sad!! When we go to the park the little kids there play sad games... like someone is the druggy... and they act like they are being killed by the drugs....! And they are just so tiny!! They need the Gospel.... what ever happened to good old tag? or hide n seek...?

Our message is so simple but so powerful! Makes me sad to think about how people out here are so devoted to God... but they won't be able to live with him someday if they continue on the path they are on...  BUT! I'm trying hahaha

I have felt more strongly than I ever have before about how much my Savior really loves me... even though I feel 100 percent out of my comfort zone, and I can see how hard Satan is working on my investigators while I plead with God in prayer. I KNOW he is watching over me and that he is proud of the work I am doing. I was down a bit Friday, just because what I am witnessing is so sad... and my awesome comp shared something really neat with me!! She said that we already know the end score on the score board, we are just trying to get people to switch their jersey to the winning team. That gave me so much strength because even throughout all of this wickedness, we are still winning. We just want more players on our side!!
 Sorry my emails have be so short, but I am loving my mission and I feel so blessed to be able to rely on the Atonement! I love my new comp, she is so great! :)I LOVE being a missionary and there is no where I would rather be, that's for sure :)

The work is hastening and I'm so blessed to have such an amazing family! It's sad to see Satan working so hard on families out here. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! :D:D And i miss you... There really is no place like home... and it kills me how much I took for granted before my mission!  Have an awesome week! :D

-Sister Collings

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