Monday, September 1, 2014

Lots of Miracles

Dear Family,

My week was interesting! We did a lot of service! 10 hours actually! Full of cleaning, and helping people move! 

Our investigator, Christy, we were finally able to talk about baptism with her, and Sister H was so impressive! Christy is in her 40's and she had a brain condition that really messed her up for about 2 years. She was able to overcome it, and now she wants a family so badly! She said she cries at night because she is all alone, and she wants to know what it's like to have children. Sister H spoke POWERFULLY by the spirit, and said something along the lines of "Christy don't take this the wrong way, but God wants you to become a member of his church, and have a firm foundation before you can have your own family!" The spirit was overwhelming, and she thought a lot about that, and her reply was "maybe so..." But you could see her wheels turning! So I just PRAY she will have a softened heart!  It broke my heart to see her so sad, because let's be honest, who doesn't want a family?! I know that's my only real dream!  I love training Sister H. Seeing her act upon the spirit is inspiring! She even told me after, " Sister Collings, I was fighting with the spirit, and when he told me to tell Christy that, I thought 'NO! I can't do that, she will get offended!'" (she does take offence easily) She fought with the spirit, and it kept telling her to just open her mouth! She even said "Just give that impression to Sister Collings, I don't want to say it!" hahaha Well.... The spirit DID not give it to me, and she trusted Heavenly Father, and listened to his words, and I know she spoke by the spirit because of the overwhelming feeling that was in the room! 

Another miracle we had, was we have an investigator named Mario, and he has been super duper hard to get a hold of. So we decided to text him and plan a time to meet with him. He texted back and said "How about today in 15 minutes!!" haha MIRACLE!!!!!! It was amazing because we have been trying so hard to meet with him, and we had a really great lesson! :) 

Third miracle this week was INCREDIBLE! Susan is the one that is recovering from the flesh eating parasite, and she told us " I look forward to the day I can be baptized into your church, we just need a miracle, and I expect miracles to happen." So we fasted for Susan, that she could have the strength to make it to church and that she could recover! So we will see! We just have to wait for God's precious timing :) 

This week was a great one! We also had zone conference which was in Ventura! And it was incredible!! We were moved by all the talks and all the inspiration! I love the story of Peter in the New Testament. We talked about how he denied Christ 3 times, and then was able to make an amazing recovery. He was able to repent and change and serve him faithfully after that. We listened to Elder Uchtdorf talk about that, and he said in a way we are all like Peter! I love it :) 

PETE, DONICE, AND BROOKE came and took me and Sster H to lunch!! It was so much fun! :) He told me about his baptism and how he came to know the church was true!! I feel so blessed that I was able to teach him :) His WHOLE family is just completely different now!  They are just radiating!! Pete told me he really loves you dad!! I'm thankful that you were able to give them really good advice regarding the temple! :)

Needless to say, it's been a great week :) And I am loving my mission! It's hard, and it kills me to see what people have to go through! But how grateful I am that I get to share the Gospel with them and send some light into their lives :):)

I Love you ALL!!

Love, Sister Kaylea Collings 

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