Tuesday, September 30, 2014

New area, Dos Vientos!

This week was one full of HARD work!! :) We just talked to everyone we saw and I really felt the spirit with us in the work! 

Me and my new companion, Sister D!

Dos Vientos is beautiful and I know I am here for a reason! I cannot believe how CRAZY your week was back at home!!! haha I feel like when I don't have enough time to email, that pictures make up for it, right!?!?! :):) 

Well one thing tragic happened... we had dinner at a members and when we were about to give the dinner message, one of the little kids poured water in them... so they were SOAKING WET!!!! :(

I wanted to ask your help with something!!! So before the end of my mission, I want to study the Christ like attributes. So I have picked one for each month for the rest of my mission! This month I am studying faith in Jesus Christ, so if you could help me study that it would be GREAT! Send talks poems quotes or anything you like about that attribute and how I can apply it. I want to know what each of you are studying also!!  Let me know :):)

I sure love you all!!! :):) have a great week!!! :):)

This is my home in Dos Vientos. We live in a guest house at a member's home.

My front yard! CRAZY place!!

Inside our apartment

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