Sunday, October 19, 2014

Dos Vientos

Mom here, this week we requested a LONG DETAILED letter. We haven't really received a letter from this young lady for about 6 weeks! Just some pictures.

Hahaha Alrighty here is a LONG detailed letter.... :) DOS Vientos has been a completely different experience! I have never seen so many less actives before with so many sad stories! It's incredible what the gospel can do! Our teaching pool is pretty small! We are teaching a German lady! Her name is Heidi! The only problem is that she works at two different hospitals!  So she is ALWAYS busy! But the Lord provides... we have impressions that we should stop by her home, and she has been there EVERY time! What a blessing! We had a great lesson with her this week where we were able to share why the Book of Mormon has been so special to us! And why I KNOW the book of Mormon is true! The spirit was strong! She has met with SO many missionaries, but I think for the VERY first time she is eager to read the book of Mormon! 

We are also teaching THE CUTEST little girl who's name is Hannah! She is 8 years old! Her mother is a single parent and is incredible! My favorite times of the week are when we get to go over there and do service! We have done different things like, scrapbooking and cleaning! And even putting up wall paper! I have so much respect for single mothers, because I see how much work they do and how much they LOVE being a mother, despite the hard struggles! My favorite thing about teaching Hannah is her prayers! She says the MOST sincere prayers, and she prays for the cutest things like the universe, or the stars and the moon. I LOVE THEM! OHHH! And they have a huge dog named Gonzo.... I WILL send pictures of that beautiful beast someday in the NEAR future!!

This week we were able to have president interviews! And President and Sister Felix even took me and Sister D out to dinner!! During the interview I asked president to give me a blessing! And it was incredible! At the end of his blessing he said " I want you to know that God has prompted me to say all these things" after he closed the blessing he said " Wow, I have never said that before in a blessing." The Spirit was so strong, and I felt so energized to face whatever comes my way this next week! I'm so grateful for President Felix, and I know he has put me with sister D for a very special reason! 

I'm thankful for my mission and I walked through a pair of my shoes!!!!! I felt pretty proud they have HUGE holes in the bottom :) I feel pretty accomplished!! :)

Love you ALL!!
love, Sister Kaylea Collings!!

PS CONMAN!! look at what street I knocked the other day!!!!


When we get home she always wears her PRINCESS TIARA!

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