Monday, November 3, 2014

Mission Foster Child

This week I got paired up with a new companion Sister B for a short time! I had to pack up my bags and was pretty much the mission foster child for a while! haha So this week was full of moving around from place to place! 

But I did have a HUGE miracle!

We were able to see a less active that I just LOVE get the Melchizedek priesthood!! That was such an incredible experience! He's really changed his life around! It's amazing that even though this transfer has be NUTTY, Heavenly Father still let us see some miracles!

We also tracted into a lady who had just watched the Book of Mormon Broadway play! And she was so impressed that the church "rolled with the punches" so well, that she agreed to let us come and teach her! Isn't that incredible?! And she said that she really was interested in reading the Book of Mormon for herself! :)

TRANSFERS happened, and guess what is happening... this is a miracle and I am just BLOWN away!!!! I will be transferred to San Luis Obisbo.  And Sister H will be my companion!! She was my trainer!! And this is her last transfer on the mission! I am going to be a sister training leader. Which means I will be able to take the sisters in the mission on exchanges each week! I'm so excited!! I know challenges I have had up to this point on my mission have prepared me for this great calling!! 

It's been a CRAZY week and words really cannot describe it... haha BUT!! I promise I will do better at emailing now haha, I have been a slacker. But so much has happened I just didn't know where to start! :)

I know that prayer works and I feel so special how aware Heavenly Father  is of me! :)
Love, Sister Kaylea Collings

Sister D! While I was a foster child... waiting for a new companion.

 Brother W got the Priesthood

Beautiful Sunset

I dressed up for Halloween! (Notice the lipstick)

Sister B, my 1 week companion!

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