Sunday, December 28, 2014

Merry Christmas

The number one thing you will find randomly everywhere are shopping carts... this one just so happened to be at the church!


I'm so excited to talk to you!  I'm so excited to talk to Sarah and Stevie and Conman!!!!! I still can't believe they are married... It's like a dream come true!! :) Turns out my area SLO isn't going slow at all! It's moving forward with FULL force!

-We got 8 hours of service this week, LOTS of cleaning and hanging Christmas lights, Sister A and I sang LOTS of Christmas carols! It was nice to bring the spirit into all the clutter and dirtiness...
-We drove for 12 hours to and from ALL of our meetings!

-We had 9 hours of meetings! And are so MOTIVATED to help out these sisters in this mission!! We planned messages to share with them about the stripling warriors, and we planned a fun dinner message for the ward to help gain their trust!

-We have 5 exchanges this transfer! In Solvang, Lompoc, Pismo, Santa Maria and SLO 1st ward!

-We taught 11 people this week.

-We are teaching 8 less actives on a regular basis.

-Sister A was sick for 3 days :( Due to the meanest cold in the wild west...

-Sister A and I are reading the Book of Mormon in 1 transfer together as a companionship; its been so fun! And fills up each day in the best ways!

-We taught a VARIETY of people this week, Homeless, Construction workers, wealthies... I love the variety we get every day! 

-We attended a baptism for a MUTE lady! It was so special she couldn't speak... but the spirit was the STRONGEST I have ever felt. She has never been hugged until she walked into the church. Pretty special. She was shaking, and in tears the WHOLE meeting! And kept hugging the sisters! It was VERY touching!

-Our investigator, Sammy let her 2 kids come to church! It was so great! They were so excited for the WHOLE meeting. They loved taking the sacrament and had HUGE smiles on their faces the whole time. They would ask us cute questions and LOVED shouting "AMEN!!" After every prayer! Junior is one of the kids and he sat next to a little boy in the ward and he was explaining everything to him. It was ADORABLE!!! The youth are powerhouse missionaries!

Tis the season to be a missionary! And I am SO thankful each day!!! :) I never want to leave the California Ventura mission! 

love, Sister Collings!

 Sister A and I devastated that Sister H left, she trained us both.
funny cats we see while tracting...

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