Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Moving to Simi Valley

Hello!! The mission is a really interesting situation! You are thrown into so many situations that make you want to cry your eyes out and then laugh your life away! I have been a little scatter brained with the thought of coming home! And I kept praying that Heavenly Father would help prepare me for this next step! Well I was humbled BIG time by Heavenly Father. He pretty much told me, "Stop thinking about yourself Sister Collings! The only way you can prepare, is to strengthen your testimony, and that comes through Diligence and Humility!" So I pretty much felt like he was saying..." Yeah, your going home in 3 months. Now get to work!!"

I was able to have an interview with President Felix, and he told me to live one day at a time. He said "Wake up, Be awesome, Go to bed, Repeat!" haha So that's what I'm doing! Every minute of the day I think... how can I be more awesome?! And then a thought comes into my mind, and I do it!

We got transfer calls this week! And... I'm packing up my bags and moving again...  So this will be my 7th area, with my 11th companion.. My new companion is Sister W! And we will still be Sister Training Leaders down in Simi Valley. We came out together! And she is just a powerhouse missionary! I'm torn! I LOVE SLO, and the mini van.... but now it's time to part ways.

This week we taught some incredible people! We met a man named Dale, and his brother Jimmy! They live in a mobile home park and were working on a motorcycle in their shed! We started talking to them, and apparently he's nearly died a couples of times. He was a member of a gang where every one was killed but him.  He wonders why he is still alive. He has a brother who lives in Vegas who joined the church, and changed his life around. It was so amazing to tell him that he needs to hear the gospel, and that God wants him to change his life around also! He was so excited to meet us and he told us that every missionary he has ever seen has a glowing orb around them! It's crazy to think that the spirit is a visual thing.  I am thankful that the more I dedicate myself to this work the more I look like a representative of Jesus Christ! As we were walking away we saw these two ladies sitting in lawn chairs crying... We offered to share an uplifting message and they declined. Then I offered to pray with then and they said we could! I felt the spirit so strongly while I prayed. They were very grateful and then we went on our way! But THAT'S my favorite part about being a missionary! We get to walk the streets and inspire and uplift everyone!

We had a member of the quorum of the 70 come and speak to our ward, and it was incredible. For the first time, I was able to understand more about the atonement. He said "Everyone thinks this life  is hard, and it isn't! Christ already did everything! We NEED to turn to him." I just felt overwhelmed that My missionary service Has been perfect! Not because I haven't made mistakes, but because through Christ, my mistakes are taken away. Which is SO humbling to me. Even times when I knowingly made mistakes! I LOVE my Savior and I am So thankful for him and his example to me. And I'm So thankful that through him I can be changed. We ALL can be changed.

Love, Sister Kaylea Collings

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