Saturday, February 7, 2015

I should be a plumber!

The work is overwhelming in this area, we have so many investigators and so many less actives we are teaching!! It's incredible! A lot of them have crazy stories! And I found myself feeling.... overwhelmed... just so much compassion fatigue! We have 3 new investigators! Danny, Reuben and Sarah! All of them we taught and testified our little hearts out, and it was just incredible the spirit we felt as we taught them! Sarah kept saying how amazing the timing has been! 2 sister missionaries gave her a card, and then she went on and requested us to come visit her! And we did, and she was SO excited! She said she just had a friend that told her to go on a spiritual journey! She wasn't expecting that the journey would just come knocking on her door!! :)

 We had members ask us if we would teach them about forgiveness! I felt prompted to tell them about my God box that I made while I was in Goleta! I have a box that when I need extra help from God, I write him a note, and after all I can do, I put it in the box and believe it or not, He takes care of it for me :) So really it's a box full of miracles! We asked them to make one together, and the other night they came running to us saying they made one out of a shoe box, and how it's been helping them :) It's a simple thing, but I could see their burdens already getting lighter!

We have one progressing investigator who has a problem with men. So she doesn't like that the church is run by men! Well it was incredible because we testified that the whole purpose of apostles is to testify of Christ, and to invite us to come closer to him. And we watched " hope you know we had a hard time" Mormon message, and read the Living Christ together! The spirit was powerful and I could see her opinion change about the apostles.

We did some service for our investigators, we used a snake to unclog the rain gutters! And it was so satisfying to clean it out! And to see flowing water with out junk pouring out of the gutter! I think I am considering being a plumber! :)

On a cool note, we are teaching Brother W who is the bass player for a band! They are so great! We are trying to get them to the temple! :)

This quote screamed out my name this week "If you want to talk to God, pray. If you want God to talk to you, read your scriptures."

I'm obsessed! That's how my week has been! I just constantly want to  pray all the time, all day and night for the welfare of anyone and everyone I see! Maybe I'm getting into crazy mode, but my favorite thing to do while we drive is to pray for the people that pass me in their cars. Sigh... I just LOVE prayer!! And I was feeling overwhelmed with all the CRAZY stories of everyone we teach. Then i read Moroni 9:25,  I don't need to be weighed down by what the people here are going through! But be grateful that they have Christ to lift them up, and that He can help them :) And the hope of his glory and eternal life is resting in my mind forever. So I am at peace once again! :) Such a good week!!!

Love you ALL!!!
Love, Sister Kaylea Collings!!

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