Monday, February 9, 2015

List of things I've learned on my Mission

What a week it has been!! We taught our investigator Sarah the plan of salvation and she was in tears!! She just had her mom's boyfriend die, so we were able to bring her a lot of peace! We also taught Danny and now he wants to stop drinking alcohol! :) At the missionary leadership council this week, I have a few favorite quotes! :D

"Magnify your calling don't just tend it"
"Work smarter not harder"

I was able to go on exchanges with Sister B which was SUPER fun :) We worked SO hard! Had a productive day! We were able to receive 4 awesome referrals and teach 7 other lessons, AND sing love songs at a retirement home with the Activity Day Girls for Valentine's Day! I felt REALLY awkward, but it was nice when we sang "Love one another".

I am thankful for this mission and the things I have been able to learn. The list goes on and on, but here is a small preview:

1. I trust Father in heaven!
2. I know how to rely on the Savior and use the atonement daily.
3. I am not an exception
4. I know my worth
5. I am able to be guided by the Holy Ghost
6. I know how to receive personal revelation
7. I know what's expected of me to obtain eternal life in the Celestial Kingdom
8. I know that GOD speaks to me personally through the Book of Mormon and the Bible
9. I know how to progress
10. I know how to be happy
11. I know how to repent and change
12. I know how to receive light
13. I know how to let go of pride
14. I know how to help others
15. I know how to show Heavenly Father I love him

I am being stretched a lot this transfer! And I feel overwhelmed with the timing of everything! I was on the verge of tears all week, not because things were bad, I just never want to leave this mission! It's been a huge refiners fire, and I will never be able to repay Father in Heaven for everything he has done for me! I Love this mission :)

Love, Sister Collings 

 Kitty photo bomb!

 Teaching Ronald Reagan
 Ronald Reagan Library
 How I teach people in California! It was broadcast!
 Walking with President Reagan!
 Fun at the apartment
 My companion did my makeup... haha! Show stoppin'
 How i really felt with all that makeup! hahah I'm so homely now.... 
Exchanges in Thousand Oaks!

Wearing an investigator's wig!

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