Monday, March 16, 2015

6 Weeks Left!

This week is one that I will Never Forget!

(This is a fun picture that I found on the Ventura Mission facebook page: Mom)

I realize I am down to 6 weeks left... and I always hear "Oh, you should do the six weeks to sexy program and lose all the weight you have gained!" But I have decided to start my own group "six weeks to saggy!"

We had SO MANY things happening, it's crazy! We had Sarah come to a baptism to see what it is like, and HOLY smokes... She was amazing! She kept saying how sacred it was because we have it on a special day, and it's all about baptism, and we even wear different clothes! She felt the spirit so strongly, and she said "It's so crazy! You know that feeling when you have so many emotions build up inside of you and then you are about to cry but it's just bottling up inside you? THAT'S how I have been feeling all week as I have been praying about whether or not I should be baptized!" Wow. I love Sarah and her example. She is diving in 100% and she helps me to increase my faith!! 

We did a lot of service this week. Holy Smokes I am So thankful! 
JUDY!: She is an elderly lady we teach, she was having apartment inspections and we offered to help her clean! We cleaned out mold from the sink and threw away old food for about 2 hours! She has been so sick for 1 whole month. I would imagine it was because she had mold growing everywhere! As we were cleaning, we had the window open and Sister B and I started singing Hymns! Well, what we didn't know was a bunch of elderly people were gathering around the window to listen to us sing! We found out when we finished "Nearer my God to Thee", and an old lady popped her head through the window and said "YOU TWO ARE SOO CUTE!" Judy was so thankful and her heart was softened! She invited us back so that we could teach her more! And I am thankful all the elderly people were able to listen and feel the spirit even if it was just through a window ;)

GENE MARIE!! We helped her clean out her rain gutter and she offered to make us a delicious sandwich! Well... She wanted tomatoes on it but they were all moldy.. And Guess what!!! I think she wanted to kill us because she put the moldy tomatoes on our sandwiches, but not hers!! Oh it was horrid. I kept praying and had to bite around the mold... :( Don't worry prayers kept us safe! :)

I'm sorry you keep getting my poems but they describe my week much better then anything else! So I figured what the heck! Here's another one I wrote this week :)


My Father sent his Son to suffer and die for me
He even saw my face while enduring Gethsemane

He knew that I would stumble, He knew that I would fall
Into his grace filled arms, only with Him can I stand tall

He beckons, "Come Follow Me" with pleading in his voice
He cautions us to obey God's rules and always make the right choice

"I was blind but now I see" A song we often hear
Our Savior changes hearts and takes away our fears

I trust my Brother, my Savior and Friend
And if I listen closely I too can endure to the end!

I'm excited to see what miracles will be coming this next week! I LOVE being a missionary!!

Love, Sister Kaylea Collings

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