Monday, April 6, 2015


Finger Puppets

This week was CRAZY busy! Turns out I did a whole heck of a lot of service!! I served 8 different people.  I worked at a food share for the homeless, helped a puppet hoarder as she did awkward puppet shows and scolded me for not showing the puppets enough love. I helped pack up 2 homes. I was on a ladder cutting 50 ft vines off of the most beautiful trailer homes I have ever seen. Million dollar mobile homes... who does that? haha. I painted drawers for an old lady while she sang Josh Groban songs, haha. And I was able to go on 2 different exchanges to help out the sisters in my area! I love serving people :) it softens their hearts and prepares them for the amazing message we have to share!

We were able to share the video "Because He Lives" with everyone and anyone! It was powerful! We showed one lady the video and after it played, it showed a ton of videos... and she clicked on one about temples. We were scared at what we would find, but turns out it was a tour of a temple from the 1st presidency as they bore testimony of why we need temples. This lady was in tears and was BLOWN away at how sacred the temples are. She saw the celestial room and said "I am married to this temple! I NEED to get in that room! I can just visualize me sitting in that chair praying to God with my rosary in one hand, and a glass of water in the other..." haha me and Sister B had a good laugh, and at the end of the lesson she said, " I still want to go to that temple I'm married to, (San Diego temple) but I think I won't bring my rosary after all." She was so cute :) And the Spirit was powerful!

We also have an investigator whose wife is dying of cancer. She has been fighting it for YEARS and is having trouble breathing now. Well.. we were tracting and we saw this man on the side oft he street. We ran over to him and asked him if we could say a prayer with him. The spirit was powerful and he was able to feel at peace! We weren't even planning to be in that place when we saw him. I love miracles like that in the mission :)

Conference was a HUGE revelation filled experience for me :) Wasn't it incredible? I decided to ask 1 question for each session and my faith was increased! EVERY talk played a role in answering my questions :)

1st session: I wanted a confirmation and clarity about my future. I can tell you more about this in person, but I finally realize why I feel like I should go to BYU-I!
haha ANDD I just have felt an overwhelming feeling that I should be an ultrasound technician. And I'm so excited about that! :) God was so good to me this week!

2nd session: I prayed to know what weaknesses I could turn into strengths! And 2 HUGE ones popped up :) 1. Don't fear man. Lately I have had anxiety about going home, because I feel like everyone will judge my mission on my homecoming talk... and I hate words because nothing can describe what has taken place on my mission! And I don't want anyone to take my experiences lightly. This quote humbled me fast! "The service that matters most is noticed by God alone" Aka God is telling me " Stop fearing man" haha Who cares how they perceive me. What God knows is all that matters :) 2. "Forgive and forget" MOVE on from my past! I loved when they said " A saint is a sinner who keeps on trying" and I am trying. So I need to stop being so hard on myself :)

4th session: I wanted to know how I can become after my mission. And continue to progress. This was incredible "Our daily discipleship will determine our eternal destiny." Powerful. I'm sure you heard this too, but what was repeated the whole time was DAILY. So that's what I'll do, make an effort daily to become who God needs me to be. I can't slack off on the small stuff!!  :)

I'm just trying my best to be the best I can :) I love my mission!

LOVE sister kaylea Collings :)

 I come back from exchanges and the sisters write cute things on my bed :) 
 Val and her favorite puppet

Turtle Man!

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